Hillary’s First Man?

November 3, 2007

No, not Mr. Bill Clinton, I’m talking about the Multi-national-American, Muslim, Documented worker, Huma Abedin. Word in the blogoshpere is that she’s replacing Mr. Clinton as Hillary’s top confident, and also to fill that void while Mr. Clinton is out having, well, a ball.

It started with the L.A. Times (HT: We Saw That), or rather what didn’t start with the L.A. Times. The times are apparently sitting on a story, a tale of two gay people, one married and running for President, the other a hot and tempting Mediterranean cuisine, if you will.

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Ron Rosenbaum reported on his blog that a recent trip brought some news of a scandal yet to break in the Los Angelos Times concerning the Presidential candidate:

“And when my source said “everyone in Washington”, knows about it he means everyone in the elite Mainstream media, not just the LA Times, but everyone regularly writing about the Presidential campaign knows about it and doesn’t know what to do with it.”

Which then ended up on the drudgeretort, and every blogger and their grandma began speculating which candidate it could be. There’s reason to believe why many candidates could fall into this candidate.

Obama is always smiling, but just because he’s happy doesn’t mean he’s gay.

John Edwards takes better care of his hair that Vidal Sassoon, and well, let’s just leave that one alone.

Rudy Giuliani dressed like Cinderella (or was it Dorothy?), and is a multi-matrimonial American.

Kucinich— well, we won’t talk about what those Aliens he saw did to him.

Bill Richardson — but you couldn’t trust his gayness, he’d do it as a resume enhancer

Wesley ClarkeActually this story has me reminiscing about another Presidential candidate who found his gayness during the campaign. Does anybody else remember Wesley Clarke? I was in Barnes & Noble when this metro-sexual guy caught my political eye.

Now there’s a ton of jokes that could be made here, (Tough Military Guy Finds Woman Inside), but I’ll abstain from that.

In fact, let’s get back to the story, it turns out that this rumor is none other than Hillary Clinton. Just what we needed, another Clinton sex scandal.

Big Head DC has more on the Hillary love story here, here, here, and here. Those of us with a decent memory will also remember when the lady who wore the pants in the Clinton household was outed during a NOW rally.

Whether it’s true or not really doesn’t really matter as much as who she’s selected as a key person in her campaign, and probably fill a key position in the White House should she win. We’ve might have come a long way by electing Bobby Jindal as our next governor, but this tasty box of Baloo Shahi is more than just a sweet dessert. Very little is known about Huma Abedin, but she is a Muslim and that could pose great problems for the Democrat nominee to be.

But this inside rumor could help explain Hillary’s meltdown Tuesday night during the Democrat debate, and let me ask you liberals something, if Hillary can’t handle a Democrat debate, how on earth is she going to be able to face the Republican challenger, and further more, how’s she going to be able to meet with these dictators who have animosity toward Americans to begin with and hold women with utter disrespect? I really don’t expect an answer because I know the answer already, “it’s time to elect a woman”, right?

A mistake we made here in Louisiana. We thought it fitting that we finally elected a woman governor. Then came hurricane Katrina and that wiped out that thinking. It’s not that I believe a woman shouldn’t serve or that they aren’t capable, women in fact are, but it’s a devastating mistake to vote for somebody just because you like their gender, or their race. We’re hiring a President, not a Hooters waitress.

Cripes, there’s so much to say about Hillary, but we ought to find out more about Mr. Clinton, or is Huma Abedin the Ms.?


Good question Gm. I tried to walk a fine line here as I might have talked about her sexuality, but I did suggest that Huma's Muslim faith might be more of a concern here than the sex scandal. Also I'd like to point out that the sources are from liberal sites, not conservative.

GM Roper
GM Roper

If we bash the dems for making so much of the Senator Craig story, have we any business making a story out of this one? Just askin Avman, just askin!

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