Holy cow, I’m a direct descendent of George Washington!

July 31, 2012

by Mark Parham

After very little research and almost nothing to go on but the need to please somebody, I recently found out that I am no more kin to George Washington than Barack Obama is to the first known recorded slave in America. Through his white mother no less. Heck, I’m probably kin to, dare I say, Thomas Jefferson or maybe ole Honest Abe. America, we are being played for fools on a daily basis and the fools that buy into any of the diversions from what is actually happening to our country will be the downfall of us all. Seems like Ancestry.com is now on the Obama payroll along with the MSM. It’s aggravating when we do our very best to expose and share the lies and deceitfulness this administration is perpetrating on the American citizenry. Sometimes it’s almost too much to believe what is really taking place to a country that was once proud to be the leader in innovation, productivity and self reliance.

It’s one diversion after another and we as conservatives know and see this for what it truly is. Those that matter, the blind following the Piper over the cliff, will never see this President as the tool, the weapon of mass destruction that he is. They still only see America’s first black President who can do no wrong. The MSM still refuses to acknowledge their role in this masquerade and continues to elevate Pres. Obama while hiding the truth from their viewers. This is the reason it is so important to continue to share everything we know to be true and factual and get it to as many as will listen. The days are drawing short and this administration has a playbook full of diversions and are willing to go to no end to con the American people into re-electing Pres. Obama again. I’m only one person, one vote. What are you willing to do to save our Republic?

We know we are preaching to the choir here but continue what we do with the hopes that these articles reach some new people and get their minds to thinking. It’s going to take free thinkers and doers to reverse the damage wrought on our country by the progressive socialist agendas at work to destroy our Republic. November 6th will be the true date that will truly live in infamy should we fail to do our all to remove President Obama from office and begin the slow methodical return to a free nation. It’s not going to happen overnight and some of us may not see it in our lifetime but we are the beginning of the return and those that follow must know how close we came to losing everything.  The time to act is now, the person needed is you.

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