Holy Crybabies Batman, We’re in Louisiana!

October 31, 2007

Unfortunately we still have a Governor (Ding Dong, not for long!) who can’t talk without looking like tears are going to start pouring out at any second.
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We’ve had Crybaby Broussard go on national television and boo hoo about some lie he was spreading. (Watch)

We had Senator Mary Landrieu threaten to punch the President.

We have many people in this state that boo hoo because the federal government wouldn’t go bankrupt to save us.

We have people who boo hoo because they were hurricane victims and now are crying because the government won’t take care of them for the rest of their lives.

It’s only fitting that we have another Democrat who’s crying like a little baby because he lost an election. I’ll be honest, I half way wish Charles McDonald would have won, he’s making for great things to talk about, and he lost. If he acts like this now, imagine if this Sore/Loserman woud have won.

He’s whining about somebody using his name on the internet. Of course when nicknames appear on the internet such as Bobby Jindal, Dick Cheney, and David Vitter, I’m sure Charles McDonald will come to the rescue and demand those people stop doing that. He’s calling it identity theft. Right, because somebody doing that cause somebody to take money out of his bank account?

Perhaps he ought to double check his records, he might just find out some of that identity theft came from somebody who paid people to go vote on his behalf and call it “canvassing”.

He’s crying because Walsworth claimed to receive Bobby Jindal’s endorsement. Whether Bobby Jindal did or didn’t really is between Jindal and Walsworth isn’t it? And even if Bobby Jindal didn’t endorse Walsworth, Bobby Jindal didn’t denounce the claim, nor did he endorse McDonald.

According to the story in the News Star:

“We’re waiting to see what action is appropriate for us to take,” McDonald said. “We’re not just going to roll over without the truth being brought to light.”

I’ll tell you what the appropriate action to take is, Chuck, TAKE YOUR LOSS LIKE A MAN. You’re an embarrassment to yourself, to your family, and to Town of Bastrop. Maybe you have no shame, but my God man, at least respect Bastrop. Respect House district 33 enough to take your loss like a man.

Holy smokes man, it’s time for him to find a job and instead of facing his future like a man, his testicles found the nearest foxhole. It’s what most people do, actually work. It’s not hard to get a job, you can live without the legislative salary, free golf games, and Democrat Kumbaya retreats. It’s time to get a real job man, not a pretty boy John Edwards type frivolous lawsuit.

In less than two weeks, he’s already proven that the people of district 33 have made the right decision. Most people after a loss are man enough to get behind the winner and give him their full support. Chuck McDonald isn’t even man enough to do that, he’d rather be an embarrassment to his community, and unfortunately for the rest of us, an embarrassment to the state.


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