Hope and Change, Examined

November 3, 2012


An essay by Leonard Brown

Mr. Chairman, I wish to address this assembly in order to analyze exactly where things got out of hand. Four years ago you, our illustrious Chairman O, promised us a new tone in Washington DC. You promised us hope for future generations. You promised us a change in policies. You never once promised that our hope was well founded, or that the change was positive. Good thing too, Chairman O, because by now we’ve just about had as much Hope and Change as we can stand.

So where did it all go wrong? Let’s take a look. You were a media darling. The champion of the workers. You were going to lift the poor out of the gutter and place them on the backs of the wealthy. You were going to do it by any means necessary. You stated that the previous administration had spent way to much money. Honestly, this was one of the few things that I agreed with. Spending was out of control. Still, having said this, you decided to create another stimulus package. By now, we know that “stimulus” means that the government is going to spend a large chunk of money. More spending. The American people said “no!”, but you said “I know better”.  That was the first real crack in your facade of credibility.

Mr Chairman, I submit that you further damaged said facade with the cap and trade legistlation. This was a very unpopular bill. The American people sounded out with a loud voice “we do not want this! This is not the solution!”. Still, in true paternal fashion, You sat America on your knee and said, “I know this is not what you want, but it is what you need. Understand that I know what is best for you”. The condescending tone was not missed by most of America, but your allies in the media praised you. They were still on your side. All the while, America said where is the change? You are behaving exactly as all the others before you! What do we have to hope for?!


You were not done, Mr. Chairman. Next came the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care” Act. Oh, and it is an act to be sure. You “took care” of your people’s health care needs by taking away all those cumbersome choices. The shape of our republic began to change for sure when the freedom to choose was limited. You actually attempted to infringe upon something that our country upheld as an inalienable right. The right to life. The first one of the list. How? Does the phrase “end of life counselling” ring a bell? It should. It was in the bill, then it was removed, then it was put back, and then removed again. Thankfully for good. Mr Chairman, you and your politburo Congress did a great deal of damage to our freedoms with that legislation. A majority of the people opposed it, but again, against our wishes, you rammed it through.  By this time, most of us had enough of your change, and we were looking for a new reason to hope.

These are just a few things, that have been done that have damaged your credibility, and your popularity. People just don’t trust you anymore. They can’t. They are starting to believe that you do not have America’s best interest at heart. What proof do we have of that? How about an armed assault on an American embassy that your administration knew about ahead of time and did nothing about. How about American military men that were ordered to stand down rather than rescue American citizens on the sovereign U. S. soil of our own Embassy? How about the fact that the man that lead the charge is reported to be a detainee that you had released from Guantanamo Bay? Or perhaps it’s the fact that there are stories out there that you not only knew about the assault, but that you watched it from the situation room? I don’t know if that is true, or even if half of those things are true, but the stories are out there. Your credibility is such that they have taken root.

Still, we have not addressed the mistake that was made that began your downfall. Let us continue to look back. Ah, here it is! The date on this event is… would you look at that. It’s November 4, 2008. It appears the big mistake was electing you to begin with! Well, who’d have thunk it! OH! That’s right! I did! We allowed you to take office, to run the executive branch, to request legislation, to select Supreme Court justices and Federal judges, to command our military, and to abuse your power for four years. I think that’s enough, don’t you?




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