Hope is on the way.

March 1, 2008

     We stand on the brink of history. It’s a platitude we’ve heard for decades from our politicians here in Louisiana. The fact is, however, that it is true for us in the here and now. Take a good look at the political landscape in the state of Louisiana and you will see that there has been a tremendous shift to the right. Louisiana, once a part of the “Solid South” and a haven for the Democratic Party has moved solidly towards conservatism.
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     Last fall, Louisiana elected a conservative reformer to the Governor’s mansion. Sure, we’ve done this before, but Governor Jindal started advancing his agenda immediately upon taking office. Previous efforts have not been quite so swift to move, nor have they enjoyed so dynamic a mandate. With this in mind, the ethics session went rolling forward, picking up momentum as it traveled along. Governor Jindal understands that to advance Louisiana nationaly, we must first advance our image. If the only thing that was accomplished in the ethics session was a reform in the way our politics is viewed by the outside world, then it was still a worthy pursuit, financially. How many times did politics get in the way of Louisiana’s economic growth. How many companies chose other states to avoid Louisiana politics? Step one, clean up our image. Check. What now?

     How about Congress? Sure, we’re losing influence in the House with Congressman Baker’s resignation, and with Congressman Jindal becoming Governor Jindal. We’re likely going to lose a seat in the House to redistricting as well. Still, we have another opportunity to advance our platform in the Congressional elections. If we come out in force in November, despite the less than savory options in the presidential race, we will have a chance to elect strong conservative leaders to fill those seats. Here in the sixth district, we’ll get that chance early. We cannot afford to waste these chances. Let’s not leave out the Senate. John Kennedy gives us a legitimate shot at unseating Mary “Boom Boom” Landrieu.

       With the Governor and a Legislature vastly comprised of “Blueprint Louisiana” candidates, our ideals are getting more attention in Baton Rouge than in years. Add a strong push in Congress and a win in the Senate race, perhaps Louisiana will be able to lead the nation in a positive way for once. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll lead a new conservative revolution. A guy can dream, right?


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