Hottie and the Hotheads

October 23, 2007

Growing up I was told “if it makes you mad, it must be true.” Not that something is true mind you, but when somebody accuses you falsely of something, your anger often add credibility to the accusation. I was reminded of this over and over as conservative commentator Ann Coulter gave her speech at Tulane University tonight.

I had the pleasure of sitting in the VIP section as a near capacity crowd rudely yelled insults while Ann Coulter gave her speech. You see Ann Coulter has been marked as hate speech, which in Liberal circles means you get to hate this person when they speak, and let their hatred of her show they did. Those who shared Ann Coulter’s views were in the minority, or maybe it just seemed as if 90% of the crowd was against her.
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It started early as the Tulane Young Republican Vice President and President, two beautiful and bright young women, asked the audience to be open minded, respectful, and to keep their behavior respectful of a prestigious university, but even while these girls prepared the audience for Ann Coulter, many members of the audience would give us a taste of the immature behavior one can only expect from a liberal.Throughout Ann’s speech a different person would attempt to interrupt. It was as if the audience spent more time brushing up propaganda lines than doing actual research. As one person said to me, “They had the day off from school, you’d think they would do some research of the questions they were going to ask.” Instead, one could predict what propaganda line an audience member would yell out based on one or two words that Coulter would say. For example, if she said “war” and ‘Iraq” most certainly somebody would have shouted “no blood for oil” or “Iraq didn’t attack us on 9-11″. Very few people were actually there to listen to Coulter, most just wanted to scream the propaganda lines they got from watching too many Michael Moore movies.

When Ann Coulter would say something that liberals would take offense to, their response would immediately justify what she said. When she suggested that liberals literally wanted us to lose the war in Iraq, they would disagree, but when Ann cited 2,500 members of Al Qaida being killed by U.S. troops in the last couple of months, they sat in silence, eerily disappointed.

When Ann talked about crucifixes in jars of urine, they cheered, but took offense to Ann calling Muslims “Mooslims”. This crowd cheered that 11 year olds were given birth control in school without their parents permission. Perhaps the school they attended should have given them an education instead.

After all, during the question and answer session, many questions were already answered by Coulter already. Maybe Ann’s brain was moving too fast and the majority of the audience couldn’t keep up. Maybe Coulter’s extensive use of vocabulary was too much for this Tulane crowd to grasp. Whatever the reason, they didn’t seem to grasp anything Coulter was saying, but when an audience member stood up and yelled “F*** You!!”, they seemed to understand that. No wonder why LSU is a superior school.

Not that I have anything against Tulane University and it’s students, I just think that Tulane should not be so willing to accept degenerates. Maybe the professors of the university should give the students more assignments, or at least some assignments to finish while they are not in class. They have way too much time on their hands and spend it learning current events from MTV and Al Gore.

During the question session, half the people asking questions could not even understand the difference between a statement and a question. Many were quite judgmental statements about Ann Coulter, and one even questioned why Ann Coulter is judging them. Couldn’t anybody there see the irony in that? It’s like the pot calling kettle black.

Very few questions actually were worthy of an answer. Each new question brought home an old quote “If you are over 30 and still liberal, you have no brain.” I was embarrassed for them, and I’m not even liberal. A few things were crystal clear. It was clear that they felt no shame in disrespecting the the speaker. It was clear they believed in free speech, as long as you have their permission to speak your mind and don’t disagree with them.

Ann might say things for the pure shock value of it, but it’s through their own actions that liberals prove her right. The campus Republicans deserve a standing ovation for bringing in Ann Coulter, and perhaps a medal for bravery.

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