How Bad Candy Ruined Obama’s Halloween

October 18, 2012

After the second Presidential debate in 2000, most in the Mainstream media pronounced Al Gore the clear winner in the debate. The following days, however the press realized that an overzealous Gore didn’t sit well with the average voter. A more tempered Gore showed up at the third debate and, once again, the press praised him, saying “First debate – too cold, second debate – to hot, third debate – just right.” I thought the Mainstream Media book club had just sent out Goldilocks and the Three Bears to all their members.

Still, a “just right” Obama in the third debate still won’t win this election now. It’s done, it’s over. Obama lost the election because of BenGate. On the issue of Benghazi, Governor Romney went in for the kill and poor Candy Crowley thought this was the moment she was supposed to become Wonder Woman and save Barack Obama’s job. Instead, she ended up being more like Brutus in delivering the final blow.

When Romney was calling out Obama on his statements in the Rose Garden the day after Benghazi, Crowley jumped in and “corrected” Romney, but instead of killing Romney, she missed and stabbed Obama in the back. Inadvertently, of course. Unfortunately for Crowley, that was an error that will be remembered for a long time to come. It was like the Thanksgiving games when Bettis called “tails” or when Lett touched the ball that snowy day in Dallas. Lett’s Superbowl fumble doesn’t count in this instance because Dallas didn’t lose that game. Crowley’s flub was a game changer of epic proportions.

I know Chris Matthews and other Liberals were singing her praises and many Conservatives were gritting their teeth at yet another example of Liberal bias in the news, but eventually we’re going to look back at that moment as the flub that won Mitt Romney the White House.

It was an embarrassing moment for Romney supporters, but had Crowley kept her mouth shut at that moment, it might have been even more embarrassing for Mitt Romney and would have more of a lasting effect. It may have been one the fact checkers could have said “Yes, Obama did say ‘act of terror'” and spun it like that. It would have been mostly embarrassing.

But Crowley’s response called attention to Obama’s handling of Benghazi, and she later admitted that Romney was technically right.

A closer examination of Obama’s words the day after was to label it as attacks and did not directly call that “an act of terror”. Sure, we can argue over semantics. Technically he used the word one time, even though he mentioned the attacks several times. There is a much more important issue here, that is Obama’s handling of Benghazi. A few after debate fact checkers could have easily written this off as Romney is incorrect and given Obama evidence of “Romney lies during the debate”. Two days ago, how many people heard of Benghazi? Those in the political world know, but what percentage of the average voter has any idea what’s going on? It’s not an election issue to most voters, or at least it wasn’t. They are concerned with gas prices, with keeping or finding a job, with putting food on their table. That’s what is on their minds, they could careless about Benghazi. At least before Tuesday, they could care less about it.

But it became such a big issue after Crowley opened her mouth on the issue, that I suspect many voters are now learning about Benghazi. I suspect that they are starting with the transcript of Obama’s Rose Garden press briefing. I suspect they are watching the video and saying “Yes, technically he did say it, but he had so many opportunities to call it terrorist acts and opted to use the word “terror” only once, and that came after the thinly veiled case against the Youtube video. And that’s where his troubles begin.

Many voters are going to take a much closer look at the President’s handling of Benghazi and what they are going to see, they aren’t going to like. They are going to hear the Leftist write it off as a “Romney Lie”, and they are going to be listening a lot more attentively to his critics on that matter.

I also suspect there is something that is being missed by the talking heads that won’t be missed by the average voter. President Obama trampled on a core American value that during Bengate. That is Freedom of speech. I know President Obama spent much of his childhood growing up in Indonesia, but in this country, we have a tendency to respect other people’s Freedom of Speech. I don’t like what a lot of Liberals say, and I’m sure they don’t like what I say, but we respect each others Right to say what they want. Sure we have a few people who boycott anything they don’t agree with, but we understand they still have a Right to say it.

Immediately after the attacks in Benghazi on 9-11, the Obama administration seemed to be more interested in bring the You Tube video maker to justice, than he was about the terrorist in Benghazi. We understand that movies, music, and sports influence kids, but the responsibility of people’s actions falls directly on them, not on the industry.

We understand that people do stupid things because of what they see or hear, but most of us out here in the real world just shake our head at stupid people who do stupid things because they saw it on some video. We love our freedom of speech in this great country of ours, and nothing is more out of touch with the average voter than to think we need to do something about our free speech because it hurts the feelings of some Muslims on the other side of the world. Blaming a You Tube video for the deaths of our ambassador is as ridiculous as blaming homosexuality for the deaths of American soldiers. Freedom of speech is not a political issue, it’s an American value, and seeing Obama’s handling of Bengate tells me that’s something he doesn’t understand, or it’s at least a value he does not share with the rest of us.


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