How Desperate is Kathleen?

June 2, 2007

Let’s face it, Kathleen Blanco’s administration has been so dismal that it’s common knowledge. Had she not tried to capitalize on the ‘Hate Bush’ movement by insulting him every chance she got after Hurricane Katrina and tried to work with him instead, she might just have been a very tough incumbent to beat. She choose to tear down Bush instead and committed political suicide.

In the recent special session, she attempted to throw so much money down the toilet in an effort to revive her re-election hopes. She wanted to spend so much money that even the Democrats could no longer stomach her wasteful ways, but once again, she blamed the Republicans. The people of Louisiana didn’t buy it, and it turned out to be her waterloo.

Now, with Republican Bobby Jindal the heir apparent, she’s acting like an estranged ex spouse. She’s pushing the legislature to spend as much money setting out to excuse her incompetence by trying to undermine do everything possible from any success by the next administration. She wants to say “See, not even the wonderboy could solve the situation.”, and for what? So she could run again?

Her treasured Louisiana Road Home program was such a dismal failure that some legislators wanted to scrap it and begin again. Could you imagine if this hasbeen wants to dump another $500 million into the project? Stupid? Yes, but only Kathleen is stupid enough to throw money into this endless money pit until we can get somebody in there to correct it.

The only reason I can think of why anybody would do such a thing, other than to salvage their political career or to undermine the next administration, would be because they are helping specific friends get rich. That certain people gave to her campaign for investment purposes and she’s trying to win them over. If that’s the case, why not drop another $500 million dollars into it and take some for yourself to, former Governor Blanco?

I know what some of our national readers are thinking, ‘that’s illegal’. No, you don’t understand, this is Louisiana. Kathleen Blanco has been in Louisiana politics for far to long for her not to know the ‘How to guide of Louisiana Politics’ inside and out.

In most states it’s called theft, in Louisiana, it’s called compassion for the poor. It’s not crazy to waste money in the Louisiana Road Home Program, it’s political payback. Louisianans understand this is why they are suffering, Kathleen Blanco is too stupid to figure out this is why she doesn’t deserve to get re-elected.

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With Blanco pushing through a record 29.6 billion dollar budget,which I have said before puts us 4th in the nation in terms of per capita spending,So I find it mighty nice she is finely thinking of hurricane recovery.Of course this comes days after Bobby Jindal and William Jefferson, D-New Orleans also know as Dollar Bill Jefferson demanded the state set aside at least 700 million and up to 1 billion for hurricane recovery.They demanded this because the Road Home deficit is now pegged at as much as $5 billion by the state's auditor.Wonder why Governor blanco has not mention the road home was 5 Billion short.Thank you Governor Blanco for a record spending budget, and the only plan, she seems to have is to leave the tax payers holding the bag as she leaves office.Now John Kennedy has stood up for Louisiana again by rejected a request from Gov. Kathleen Blanco on Friday asking him to "cease and desist" his opposition to her plan to sell what remains of Louisiana's 1998 financial settlement with cigarette companies.Now add this fact that another hugh company,Tembec Inc in louisiana is shutting down July 31,which will remove about a $50 million payroll (including benefits) — roughly a quarter of what the ThyssenKrupp steel mill would have brought to Louisiana in a recent deal lost to Alabama — will disappear from the economy. Vote Bobby Jindal for Governor, because we can see what not voting for him has done to Louisiana.And i do still blame Blanco, because look what she is still doing to Louisiana.

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