How Much Better Can Louisiana Politics Get?!

June 12, 2007

After much negative commentary on the “bad appearance” of State Representative Francis Thompson and his brother, Michael Thompson “working” the system to build “boondoggle reservoirs”, it would seem the obvious was too obvious.
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“A federal grand jury has returned an indictment charging Mike Thompson, former executive director of Poverty Point Reservoir District, with using reservoir money for his own benefit. The indictment was returned today. An arraignment has been set for 10 a.m. June 29 in U.S. District Court in Monroe. The indictment charges Thompson, the brother of State Rep. Francis Thompson, with one count of violating the Hobbs Act.”
Did Representative Francis Thompson and his brother Mike really think that spending nearly $60,000,000 (of State money) in one of the most economically depressed regions in the country would go unnoticed? Did the Representative think (at all) that putting his brother in-charge of such a large project would go unquestioned? What about the engineering firm? How friendly is THAT relationship?

Prudence demands that Representative Francis Thompson be given a much closer look by the appropriate officials to determine his involvement in the crimes and immediate efforts should be made to maintain the credibility of the Louisiana Legislature, especially given there are other “boondoggle reservoirs” being financed in the most recent capital outlay.

Who else is involved in this scam? Given the huge amounts of money involved, it would also seem prudent that all reservoir projects and those promoting them should also be considered for investigation.

All of this comes on the back of another class act in Louisiana politics, U.S. Congressman William “Dollar Bill” Jefferson being indicted on sixteen counts of racketeering and bribery. Getting convicted could put Jefferson in prison for the rest of his life, and will if there is really justice.

In combination with Representative John Alario continuing his efforts to horde every available dollar in the budget for Orleans Parish and destroy Northeast Louisiana through neglect, is it any wonder some politicians from Louisiana are considered the best money can buy.



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