How Stupid Do Democrats Think We Are

July 22, 2011

Last night I watched the coverage of the debates in the Senate on the “Cut, Cap and Balance Bill” that the House has passed.

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I watched Kent Conrad, (D-ND) go on for some twenty minutes with his charts and graphs railing on about how if it was not for government action we would be in a depression now. They, the democrats, saved us from a crisis they created. How Nobel of them. He talked about cutting spending not by cutting department budgets or cutting duplicative programs but through “tax expenditures”. What? Yes letting the people deduct mortgage interest, medical expenses and other deductions the democrats do not think we need so we can keep more of what WE earn is an expense to government. Giving the people back their earnings is considered spending to democrats. To whom does the money belong, the one that earned it or the one that wants to spend it? How stupid do the democrats think we are and Mr. Conrad have you no shame thinking we are that stupid? By contrast Marko Rubio, (R-FL) was brilliant in his counter to Mr. Conrad. Chastising the democrats for the frauds they are by exposing their hypocrisy of demanding a compromise. He pointed out compromise with what. No democrat whether in the House, Senate or White House has proposed anything to compromise with. Are the Republicans supposed to negotiate and compromise with themselves? They have no plan or ideas. They have nothing. All they can do is whine like spoiled brats because their toys are being taken away. Then the ever pompous John Kerry (D-MA) gets up to speak but who cares what he has to say anyway. The dishonorable Harry Reid (D-NV) interrupts the ever pompous John Kerry to announce that he plans a vote to table what he calls the worst piece of legislation to ever be brought up in that chamber, he has a short memory because it was only a year or so ago that he forced Obamacare down our throats in that very chamber. Here is a man that barely won re-election stands there and pretends to speak for the entire country and obstructs any restrictions on congresses ability to spend. The democrats under the leadership of Harry Reid (D-NV) have not produced a budget in over 2 years in violation of law. For violating the very law he swore to uphold the honorable thing he could do is to resign but he will not because he has no honor and he would not know character if it slapped him in the face. Shame on you Harry and the Senate democrats.

The whole debate, what little of it there was thanks to Harry proves that our country has reached that fork in the road the point where the competing ideologies have no common ground and the people must choose which path to take. The path the liberal democrats want to force us to take leads to a future of ultra vires governmental primacy. It will lead us to a future of unrestricted government intervention and intrusion, unrestricted borrowing and spending with a steady decline in real earning and in our standard of living, a tax policy that is confiscatory and a foreign policy that is incoherent. We are getting a good taste of what’s to come now. It will rob every citizen of their ability to make a living because the interests of government will take presence over all other interests. Milton Freidman once stated and I paraphrase, “Why is it when government pursues its self interests it is somehow Nobel but when individuals pursue their self interests it is selfishness and greed”. In contrast, the path conservative republicans wish us to travel is one of intra vires constitutional primacy. It’s a path of restricted governmental power as enumerated by our Constitution, responsible fiscal policies that encourage economic growth and entrepreneurship. A tax policy that is not intrusive and simple to comprehend and comply with for both individuals and businesses. One that is consistent and predicable so businesses can plan long term and be competitive in the world markets. A tax policy that does not punish hard work and success nor take unnecessarily the earning of its citizens. A foreign policy that is both wise and frugal.

The battle line is drawn and our future rests with the conservatives in Congress and our actions. They are fighting a good fight and we must support them any and every way we can. We must hold the line and reinforce them in 2012.

Those that occupy the hall of Congress that have no shame for what they are doing to their fellow citizens don a scarlet letter, that being the “D” before their name.


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