How The Paulistinians Lost Me – Part 2

June 23, 2011

Shortly after the caucus night, I noticed a couple of group emails that bordered on slander concerning me. That I worked for the GOP, that I was related to Kathleen Blanco. That I could not be “trusted”. Ironic right? The same people who lied to me are now accusing me of dishonesty. They were upset that “not one single Ron Paul delegates name made my ticket”, which was mind boggling to me. How could they expect me to put any of their names on my ticket when they kept the names secret for fear of “spies” (presumably me). More mind boggling was their reasoning. I could not be a Ron Paul supporter because I disagreed with Ron Paul on the war. Apparently that was my *great secret* that I was keeping from them. How did they know I was for the war, you wonder? Well, that’s easy, I told them the first night I met them. I suppose I just wasn’t very good at keeping secrets.

I wrote off a mere handful of the Ron Paul people, and believed that the majority of the group was good. I set out to find the ones in the RP group to help them get involved in politics. After Ron Paul was out of the race, this seemed to be a reasonable thought. This appeared to be people that were for less government, less taxes, why not help them get involved?

I did friend a few of them but would soon find out what this group really consisted of. Shortly after the banter of the caucus aftermath, I tried to make amends with some of them. I admit, I’m not always the easiest guy to deal with, but in politics there is no such thing as permanent friends, no such thing as permanent enemies, and it’s never personal. So in reaching out, I’m thinking there’s going to be future issues that we will have common interest in, and we could work together on. So I invite one of the leaders over for a cup of Joe over at Charlie’s Coffee. During the discussion, I explained the previous story and made it perfectly clear that had they not lied to me, I would never have put together a ballot, and even if I disagreed with Ron Paul on the war issue, there was so much other stuff that I agreed with him on.

In this discussion, the other fellow stated he’s always got his copy of the U.S. Constitution in his pocket. That’s unfortunate if you ask me, he should pull it out every once in a while and read it, but I’m glad he’s got one on him. He also stated that he has memorized every single Ron Paul speech. What’s that tell you? It is also my belief that there is no such thing as a perfect candidate. That when you meet somebody who you agree with 100% of the time, either he’s lying to you, or you are. Still, in this guys mind, Ron Paul was right 100% of the time. I realized that it was time to move on from these people. So I did, or so I thought.

Time passed, Barack Obama won the election and soon was sworn in as President, and then came the Tea Parties. I was one of the speakers at original Baton Rouge Tea Party and I was one of the very first members who sat in on the very first meeting of the Baton Rouge Tea Party. If I recall right, there were 15 people who attended that first meeting. The April 15th, 2008 Baton Rouge Tea Party, mid-day and mid-week was beyond our expectations, but we also knew that one rally could not be enough. That day, I ran into the fellow that I had coffee with to try to make some amends.

“I’m glad to see you’re here.” he said to me.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” I said back.

The Tea Party attracted a large group and we assembled at the Blue Bonnet Library for our monthly meeting. A board was elected and I was on that board. On that first Baton Rouge Tea Party board there was a lot of division. The chairperson was often distraught and some people on the board seemed more interested in getting the credit than building an organization. The aggressiveness took it’s toll on the first chairperson. In short there was a lot of disarray on the board.

When we’d have Town Halls in various location and this “Campaign For Liberty” literature started showing up. Members of “Campaign for Liberty” were showing up in our buildings passing out their literature and then hid behind freedom of speech if we told them to stop. Unfortunately we found out that one of the board members of the Baton Rouge Tea Party had given them permission in advanced, despite not being the chairperson.

As it would turn out, that certain member who was giving “Campaign For Liberty” permission to pass out that literature was, unknown to us at the time, actively working with “Campaign For Liberty”. Further more, an email was sent out citing this plan to destroy the Baton Rouge Tea Party from with in and pull certain members of Baton Rouge Tea Party into “Campaign For Liberty”. It seemed that since Campaign For Liberty could not enjoy the same success we did, now they were trying to destroy the organization that they saw as their rival. When confronted with the email, that member resigned from the board, left the organization, and soon helped form “The Tea Party of Louisiana”. The name of the organization was very clear, that organization tried to supercede all Tea Party organizations in Louisiana and force them to work underneath the bigger umbrella. Looking over recent press releases, it seems to me that the Tea Party of Louisiana is more interested in attacking Republicans than they are of going after bad politicians. The Baton Rouge Tea Party survived and still meets once a month.

To Be Continued….
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