How The Right Can Re-elect Obama Part I

December 8, 2009

It’s been said thousands of times in many different ways, during the American revolution loyalty to country was questioned *gasp* among countrymen. It was commonly said that “We must all hang together, or assuredly we will all hang separately” though the quote is most attributed to Benjamin Franklin. Despite this, many people turned coat against the New American nation, jumping ship and aiding Britian. One man stood out above the rest, one who fought valiantly for the Colonial Army, even being wounded in battle. Had that been the end of his story, we’d all be hailing this soldier, perhaps there would have been statues in his honor, but instead he’s the namesake of traitors, Mr. Benedict Arnold.

During World War II, the Germans would send people into other countries prior to the German invasion to turn people against the existing government and too woo people over to the Nazi side. Nazi propagandist even hit the streets in the United States, protesting, marching, and screaming about the greatness of Nazism to anybody who would listen. The occupation of France had countrymen turning against each others, as did Holland, and several other countries. Germany also had their own turncoats, Stauffenberg’s attempt at Wolf’s Lair, more commonly known as Valkyrie thanks to Tom Cruise was one of a few attempts to assassinate Hitler.

Every war and every country has them, those who would rather put their politics ahead of their country… well every country except the United States of course. I can’t think of one person who would aid the enemy rather than stand by their country during the war on terrorism. Everybody in this country is Patriotic, and we wouldn’t dare question anybody’s patriotism. But Patriotism isn’t why I’m writing this, it’s what division in the ranks brings.

In Venezuela during Hugo Chavez’s re-election bid of 2004, five opposition parties boycotted the election. Five parties, all opposed to Hugo Chavez, all who had the perfect political ideology. Five parties who couldn’t agree on a few issues and instead of uniting on the issues they agreed on, decided that their single issues were far too important to surrender, far too important to them to vote “the lesser of two evils”. They would rather have a dictator than to vote for a less than perfect candidate. They should have been more careful of what they wished for, they got their dictator. Hugo Chavez won with 58% of the vote, and had they united behind one candidate, maybe they would have still lost, but they might have won. Central and South America could possibly be less dangerous, gas prices might not have risen as high as they have, and maybe we wouldn’t have a President who flies his carbon dioxide emitting jet to bow down to foriegn officials.

Chavez changed the Venezuelan constitution to allow him to run for a third term, which he did. The Venezuelan Assembly gave Hugo Chavez the power to rule by decree for 18 months, which he happily took. He’s gagged the media, led his country into beef shortages, sugar shortages, and now water shortages… and with a well paid military behind him, he’s not leaving until he dies. Hopefully he doesn’t start to many wars in the process (Watch your backs Colombia).

It serves little purpose to let the perfect become the enemy of the good, which despite the view that I’m a Republican hack, I’m more than willing to work with Democrats, Libertarians, Constitutionalist, or whoever, if it helps advance some of my political agenda. Why should I insist that a Democrat who is willing to work with me on certain issues adapt to everything I say? And why would a Democrat want to work with me if no matter how hard he tries to work with me, will only get a stab in the back? I was embarrassed when I heard from several sources that the Tea Party of Louisiana went to several of our congressmen and insisted that they showed up at their town hall meeting last week, threatening them with a picture of an empty chair in the advocate if they failed to show up. What’s worse, they set the meeting up for a date and time that left our elected officials with the choice of attending their townhall meeting, or voting on key issues in Washington D.C., if actions like this continue, I might just be an ex-Teapat. I want my politicians to listen to me, but not only me, I want them to listen to their constituents as well.

Let me clarify why I said, “I might just be and ex-Teapat.” You see, I have a mind of my own. The people in the Republican party knows it, and I’m sure that enough Democrats recognize that I’m not just a Republican hack, that I will go against the GOP as well. I will go against anybody on where we disagree, but am more than willing to join with them when we do agree. To borrow from Benjamin Franklin “Politics is the art of the possible” and it’s the possible that concerns me most. I might be an extremist, but I am still a reasonable extremist. I’d rather swing the pendulum towards freedom, than to let it all go to tyranny because I can’t have my meaningless Utopia.

Rumor has it, on the other end that some GOPer is planning a run against Senator David Vitter. And what good would this do? Should we divide ourselves any further in hopes of helping Charlie Melancon give President Obama one more vote, and one more reason to believe he should shove his big government morals down our throats? A year or so ago, I might have agreed. Things have changed, and Senator David Vitter has all but secured my vote. I mean, hell would have to freeze over at least in order for me to change my mind, and with the Saints on the verge of a Superbowl appearance, who knows, it could… but even if hell froze over I’m likely not going to change my vote. I’m not going to support a spoiler, we’ve got too much at stake. Would it be wise of us to give President Obama the support he needs to undo term limits on the President?

I tell you what I would do if I was Senator David Vitter, I’d walk up to President Obama, shake his hand and say, “Mr. President, thank you so much for rescuing my career, thank you for helping me get re-elected, now if you don’t mind, I got to go back to being the only Senator representing my state right now. One more thing, will you campaign for your good buddy Charlie Melancon?”.

Political hack or not, I don’t care. I’m not going to be so self righteous pretending to be Neo in some imaginary Matrix that I let some guy who had to run for Senator because he’s being chased out of his own district, win the Senate seat over a guy who is doing a fantastic job representing his state. Thank you Senator David Vitter, you deserve to get re-elected.

Part II coming soon


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