Hugo’s War On America

November 19, 2007

Do you hear that cheering? That’s your Liberal neighbor cheering that gas prices have gone up. Why is he cheering? Because he thinks that’s going to make you vote for Democrat in the next election. Truth is, he’s probably right.
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Yet at the same time gas prices are going up, he’s blaming the Republicans for helping their friends in the oil industry get rich. But who really is friends of the oil industry? Are we talking about Saudi King Abdullah who believes that OPEC’s objective is to merely produce oil and create prosperity, or are we talking about Hugo Chavez who believes that OPEC ought to wage a war against the ‘imperialism’ of the United States. Mind you, Hugo Chavez is the same guy who called our President “the devil” and is the love affair of many left wing extremist in Hollywood, such as Sean Penn.

Like your “moderate” left wing neighbor, they too believe that raising the gas prices will help end Republican rule in the United States. So much so, that they are willing to drive up oil prices to $200 a barrel in order to create an economic crisis in Louisiana.

With this latest outburst, Hugo Chavez once again reiterated that he is indeed at war with the United States, and still he remains nothing more than a mosquito in the big tent to most Americans. Like Adolph Hitler before him, most Americans remain unconcerned with his ambitions. Like Hitler, he isn’t going to stop until we wake up. Like Hitler, it’s a battle he’s destined to lose. As Winston Churchill once called Hitler, Chavez too is “a bloodthirsty guttersnipe”.

But at what cost are we willing to pay? The sooner we as Americans defend ourselves, the cheaper the cost to America it’ll be. Here he is trying to single handedly raise the price of oil to a cost beyond what more Americans are able to pay in hopes of destroying our economy, thus crippled in our ability to fight a war.

He’s betting that Americans are weak, and admittedly we have thousands in city after city who do not have the will to stand for American freedom. Who fear war, who fear death, who fear life without free health care.

But what he fails to recognize is that capitalism is a far superior system than socialism. Socialism cannot survive without some form of capitalism sustaining it, and even then, it will eventually fail. His socialism depends of capitalist who purchase his oil. His system depends on the American ‘imperialist’ society, and without our economy, he’s destined to fail, and the people of Venezuela will starve without it.

Waking up later means our economy will be severely tested as Latin’s little Hitler pushes oil prices up. But as our economy crashes, more people will be willing to sign up for the military, and the military strength of the United States will be able to handle a two or three front war. War becomes inevitable and lives are lost.

Waking up now means Venezuela’s socialist system will crash sooner, the Venezuelan people will suffer, and Hugo Chavez remains in power but is incapacitated.

We have a choice in America, either quit buying CITGO gas, which is what is sustaining Chavez’s power, or go to war and loses thousands of American lives in the process. Here’s to hoping we wake up now. Unfortunately, we have enough of our countrymen who desperately want to see us defeated in war.


I stopped buying gas from Citgo three years ago. We need more Americans to get pissed and do the same.

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