I Am Not A Democrat Because I Am A Man

December 2, 2012

This past election cycle, you might have heard the phrase “When women vote, Democrats win”. Maybe you saw it on a T-shirt, a bumper sticker, or you might have just heard it. Perhaps, like me, you’ve heard it in past elections.

What is the point of that other than to insinuate that if you’re a woman, you vote Democrat. So am I wrong to suggest that if you’re a man, a real man, you vote Republican? Ok, so maybe not all “Real Men” vote Republican, but if Democrats win when women vote, does that also mean men have to be in touch with their feminine side in order to vote for Democrats?

One of my great pleasures in talking politics is that I can get a great feel of a person’s character by talking to them about politics. Being a man isn’t dictated by whether or not you vote for a Republican or a Democrat, but you can tell a lot about a man’s character by his political views. If a man is universally against “war”, but is willing to make demands of other people, then it is easy to see how that man will always look out for himself and not put anybody else before him. It’s not that he’s against fighting for what he “believes in”, but what he believes in revolves around what he’s getting out of it.

I suppose the growth of a man begins in elementary school when we first meet the school bully. Of course we’re scared, and of course we back down the first time we get confronted, but it’s when we face our fear and stand up for our self, we begin to gain confidence. It’s a tradition the we take into adulthood. We insult our closest friends when we greet each other. It’s something that women don’t get, but we men do. We insult each other, peacock if you will when we greet a close friend. It’s not just our way of saying I love you, but our way of telling each other that “I have your back”. That guy we insult and say mean things to is the guy we’ll confide our innermost secrets too. We want to have as our closest friends men who we can trust to be strong in our darkest hours, who will be there when we need them the most, and who will challenge us to be our best.

We learn to fight when we are young, and that’s a good thing. A boy who knows how to fight can become a man who isn’t afraid to use his brain. One of my sayings is that “If you ever say anything that hurts my feelings, do me a favor, slap me, and tell me to man up”. It’s not that I don’t have feelings or that I’m insensitive, it’s just that I figure I’d rather somebody be honest with me rather than not. If somebody is insulting me just for the sake of hurting me, then why give them what they want?

We teach kids to not let anybody disrespect them when we should be teaching them that respect is something that is earned. We tell kids not to fight but to not let anybody disrespect you, and then we wonder why kids are shooting each other whenever somebody hurts their feelings. They don’t know how to earn respect, and when they don’t get what they didn’t earn, we wonder at the results?

Another one of my sayings is that “boys do what they want, men do what they must” and that applies to all aspects of life. If a man needs some money, he goes and gets a job. If he needs to feed his family, he’ll go hunt, grab a fishing pole, grow a garden, or better yet, go get a damn job. That’s what men do.

I’m pro-life, but I’m pro-life with consequences. It’s easy for a man to be pro-choice, that way if he gets a girl pregnant he can tell her to “just go get an abortion”. That’s not the way I see it, if I get a girl pregnant, I don’t get to tell her to go get an abortion, in fact, I have an obligation to do whatever is in the best interest of that child.

Men don’t wait around waiting for somebody else to take care of them and instead of complaining that other people don’t give us enough, we do what we can to give to others. We don’t look at successful people and wonder what we can get from them, we create our own businesses so we can be like them.

Unfortunately the metro-sexual man, ah hell, let’s call it what it really is. Unfortunately the ovary man is a growing problem in America. Republicans have to be more sensitive and God only knows how many of these ovary men have infested positions of leadership throughout America (Roger Goodell anybody?) They even have accessories for the ovary man. Murses, Mantyhose, Manscara, and “guy-liner” already exist and I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before there is a “He-bra” available for men with moobs, (yeah, man boobs). Gawd forbid we have Manlashes.

Well, forget if the Republicans ever win another election, with more and more ovary men in existence, one has to wonder, can we ever win another war? Maybe it’s true that when women vote, Democrats win. Equally true, when men vote with their ovaries, Republicans lose.


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