I Love Big Oil

October 22, 2012

Well, not quite, but I do have a great appreciation for all the things that oil provides to us. I know that oil is not God, or as the leftist like to refer to him – Barack Obama. For those of you who are quick to bash oil, please put your money where your mouth is and quit buying products that comes from big oil.

Stop reading this post to start because plastics come from big oil, including your cell phone and your computer, whichever you are reading this from. Stop driving, the plastic in your car comes from oil. Knives with plastic handles and televisions that you watch MSNBC on… all comes from oil.

Please stop shampooing your hair since, after all, that comes from plastic bottles too. Bottled hand soap, dish detergent, music cds, and DVD’s… come from “Big Oil”. If I haven’t given you enough reason to stop using those products, then let me also say many of those companies that make those products are companies with stock holders, *ahem*, that’s Wall Street.

Wall Street, as we have heard relentlessly from the “99%ers”, have forced their products and enslaved us through poverty by making us purchase these products, all for the evil little word that is profit. Why help Wall Street, Big Oil, and people who make a profit benefit? Throw it all away.

I do not wish to spend the entire article explaining the hypocrisy of some who condemn big oil while enjoying all the benefits of it. I’d much rather give you just cause to take me to the gallows pole. For example, I can’t stand bumpy dirt roads. I enjoy smooth and paved roads. Yes, I hate potholes, but we’ll just blame that on Barack Obama, or as the Leftist like to refer to him – God.

I can’t say that I enjoy kerosene because I’m not sure that I use it. I hate mosquitoes, so I use insect repellant. I like wearing shoes, I love football, and many other things that we get from petroleum. I am not going to spend my days being hypocritical, whining about how awful oil is while enjoying all the benefits of it.

Before you ask, no, I do not like paying $4.00/gallon of gas, but I’m not the guy advocating for higher gas prices. Talk to Obama’s Energy Secretary Stephen Chu about that, he wants gas prices to be much higher. He even suggested that government should get gas prices up to $9 or $10 per gallon. What would have been Mr. Obama’s biggest gaffe had it not been for Benghazi, the President seemed indifferent to rising gas prices by claiming that high gas prices show a sound economy and low gas prices indicate a bad economy.

Mr. Obama is quasi-correct in that if the economy isn’t moving, gas prices will come down. In 2008, we correctly predicted that gas prices would come crashing down, though our time table was off. What we didn’t see was that the gas prices had reached a breaking point of the economy. With so many people being laid off from work, the amount of people going to work decreased, and thus the demand for gas decreased. Oil and gas is, after all, subject to supply and demand.

According to the President’s theory, gas prices being at their highest ought to mean that unemployment is at it’s lowest, and even the most optimistic numbers show this is nowhere near the case. There are numerous factors that have increased the price of gasoline even though our economy still hasn’t recovered, such as inflation and production.

During your last trip to the grocery store, you probably noticed the high prices of food. It’s everywhere. It’s called inflation, and this is a result of printing too much money. Like everything else, the more plentiful it is, the less value it has. If you don’t recognize that, I have some dirt I can sell you for $100 a jar. What if diamonds and gold were as plentiful as rocks? Would they have value then? Like wise, if too much money is printed, the value of that dollar is decreased, and therefor requiring more of it for equal goods.

Then there is President Obama’s solution to the BP oil spill was to put a moratorium in place. He didn’t punish just BP, he punished all companies, including companies that had been operating responsibly. It’s part of that fair share mentality, they have to share the burden of BP because it isn’t fair that the companies that acted responsibly continue to make more money when BP is having to pay so much. Even after the moratorium was lifted, the Obama administration continued to drag their feet when it came to issuing new permits. It was so bad, that the state of Louisiana held a rally demanding more permits to be issued. The state was concerned about the jobs of Louisianians, but consumers should have been concerned about its future effect on gas prices.

These are just a few reasons among thousands of others why I love Big Oil. I simply can’t imagine life without oil, but then again, I am smart enough to realize just how valuable oil is to us. Maybe someday I’ll explain the cracking process, and in doing so, I hopefully will effectively explain why using less gas does not mean using less oil.

If you enjoy all the products that we get from oil, share this article with your friends on Facebook. Many people believe oil is bad because they don’t know all the ways we use it.



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