I Really Miss Reagan, I Even Miss Bush, Hell, I Miss Clinton.

February 1, 2009

Or Why Voting Republican Ain’t In My Heart, But It Saves My Soul.

I often call myself a “Reasonable Extremist”, and sometimes will describe my political beliefs as somewhere between a Libertarian, a Conservative, and an anarchist. But despite my beliefs, I understand that politics is, as Ben Franklin stated, “the art of the possible”. We can’t have the perfect so I try to take the better instead of the worse. As disappointed as I was in the Bush administration, I twice voted for the man and I’m proud of it. I’d rather surrender some of my values temporarily and win, then to have all of my values taken away because we lost. January 20, 2009 began the greatest argument to vote Republican that could be made… imperfection trumps disaster every single time.

Less than two weeks into Obama’s Presidency, we’ve seen two nominees have problems with filing taxes (Tom Daschle and Tim Geithner), one nominee unconstitutionally accept her cabinet position (Hillary Clinton), and one nominee withdraw his name after a “pay to play” scandal opened up (Bill Richardson). Speaking of pay to play, we have seen a Governor get impeached for allegedly selling the new President’s former Senate seat.

We’ve already seen a new gun control bill being proposed (to go along with the 40,000 other ineffectual gun control laws) and Senator Claire McCaskill’s new bill to limit the amount of money a person can earn on the job. Senator Claire McCaskill wants to limit the pay of CEO’s receiving bail-out money to $400,000 a year. Should that bill get passed, if those CEO’s want to make more than $400,000 a year, they either going to have to move their company to another country, or take up selling drugs on the side.

But there is something even more disturbing in McCaskill’s thinking… that Government ought to have the right to tell anybody how much they can earn. It’s not government’s responsibility to bail-out these companies to begin with, but it’s the responsibility of those CEO’s bosses, or rather, their stock holders to hold them accountable. Where is the stockholder’s responsibility in all of this? When is it incumbent upon the people who own the company to oversee that their CEO’s that they hired bring in the profit, and when failure to do so should result in termination? It’s the responsibility of those shareholders to hire and fire the CEO’s that have failed them, as was the case of the $35,000 commode man John Thain.

Our attempts to stop global warming have worked so well that people are now freezing to death. Obama wants us to do more of that.

One of the first things this President does is to sign an executive order reinstating U.S. tax dollars to pay for abortions… in other countries. At the same time that we are paying for health care in other countries, we are getting lectured about the inferiority of our health care system. If our health care is so inferior to other countries, why then do we have to pay for their health care?

Top priorities for this congress and this administration to stabilize our economy is to pay for STD prevention and give our tax dollars to reward non profit organizations that have been accused of election fraud (pages 222-224 of the stimulus bill).

And how can anybody forget that within the first week of winning the election, Obama happens to propose violating the 13th amendment (the amendment abolishing slavery) by requiring all high school and college students to perform volunteer service. Whodathunkit? The first black President wanting to bring back slavery?

And what else does President Obama want to bring back? Here’s a few quotes from history.

“As a nation we must prevent hunger and cold to those of our people who are in honest difficulties”

“Our tasks are definite. The first to see that no man, woman, or child shall go hungry or unsheltered through the approaching winter. The second is to see that our great benevolent agencies for character building, for hospitalization, for care of children and all their vast number of agencies of voluntary solicitude for the less fortunate are maintained in full strength.”

“Let me remind you that credit is the lifeblood of business, the lifeblood of prices and jobs.”

Considering that these may sound like something Obama could say, then these quotes probably would come from somebody we’ve heard him compared to, Kennedy? Nope. Lincoln? Nope. Roosevelt? Nope.

Those quotes were from Herbert Hoover and all we got from that thinking was a Great Depression and a Vacuum cleaner. What have we gotten so far from Obama? We have an emergency stimulus package that must pass immediately, which the majority of that money won’t be spent until next year, which by Obama’s own admission won’t fix the economy, and will take several years to recover. Our government is using the economic situation as an excuse to expand their social experimentation on us, when all they have to do is flip through the pages of history to learn the effects that it might have. Is it any wonder why your mutual funds and 401k’s have either stagnated or dropped further since the election of Obama? He’s inspired people, just not the ones that needed to be inspired.

The bright side to all this is that during the next election, Obama is going to need more than the drunken euphoria of his skin color to get re-elected, he’s going to need results. What he’s delivered so far is election hopes for the Republicans.


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