Idiot’s Rule Or Master of Puppets

April 29, 2012

After today’s Louisiana Caucus, I had about 30 titles in mind for this post…

Chad’s Gone Wild“, “The Mad Chad“, “Is The Pelican Really Alive?“, “So Dead, It’s Gone Rotten“, “You Lie! But Do You Bend Over?“, “Ron PauLIE“, “RevoLIEtion“. Many other titles came to mind, but Idiot’s Rule seemed appropriate more so because of one single line “You know the man you hate, you look more like him every day.”

I got a lie
A fat f****n’ lie
About a law
Idiots obey
They made it easy
Now cheaters have their way
You hi-di-ho’s
You’re living on your knees

Forget the rule!
Oh – idiots rule!

You know that man
You hate?
You look more like him
Every day everyday
— Idiot’s Rule, Jane’s Addiction

Today at the GOP Caucus I was given a sheet of paper that stated that Slate 1 was Mitt Romney’s Slate, when in fact, that slate belonged to Ron Paul. The slate we endorsed– Louisiana Conservative Delegation (Slate 3) and Newt Gingrich’s Slate (#2) were listed as “Unknown”. Well, I’ll show you one, but if you trusted this paper, then you were intentionally misled.

At the bottom of the page, you will note that it states it’s from The Dead Pelican.

My first reaction? Say it ain’t so, Chad. Chad Rogers knew that Slate 2 was Newt Gingrich’s Slate. Chad Rogers knew that Slate 3 was Louisiana Conservative’s Slate. Chad Rogers is a Ron Paul supporter and knew that Slate 1 was the Ron Paul Slate.

Maybe it’s just those people, not all Ron Paul supporters. It’s always just those people. You can’t control what all people do, and Ron Paul blah… blah… blah. Well, maybe it was those people, and not Chad of the Dead Pelican. At least that’s what I thought until….
(Article continues after picture)

It seems as if Chad took his credibility to the top of the state capitol and threw it out the window. Smash and gone, just like that.

Don’t get me wrong, Chad is a friend of mine, I have a lot of respect for him, or at least I did. I’m hoping I’m wrong and I’m hoping that I can see an apology on the Dead Pelican stating such. More over, I hope he doesn’t give me a “GO TO HELL! Infidel!”

If Chad Rogers is responsible, he’s only made the case why you should not trust a Paulistinian. It’s the lack of class the plagues this group of people, it’s a lack of class that competes with that of Ozombies (Obama Zombies). Say anything, do anything, whatever it takes to win, right?

If Chad Rogers is responsible, then the only thing I have to say is this: “You know the man you hate, you look more like him everyday, Hi Dee Ho.”

What Paulistinians will eventually find out, their association with such dishonesty will follow them for the rest of their lives.

As for us at Louisiana Conservative Dot Com, we more than welcome Chad Roger’s former advertisers. In fact, we’re more than happy to be the people you trust to feed your stories to. Thanks for opening the door Chad, I’m sure Scott at the will appreciate it too.

To the Ron Paul delegates, you might have won the day, but you did not win the hearts and minds of people. They didn’t like you before and now they resent you too. Go ahead and try to steal the nomination and keep telling us we can’t win without you. Guess what, you can’t win without us. Try building bridges instead of tearing down the infidels who dare disagree with you or Ron Paul. I get it, Ron Paul’s Kool-Aid is sweeter than Obama’s because he uses more sugar, but some of us, actually, most of us need more than Kool-Aid and threats to be converted to the Paulistinian Cult.

I know I’m about to get an earful from the Paulistinians, but I can’t hear them, I’m too distracted by the stench of their hypocrisy and I have the Conservative Fifty plugging my ears. You know the man you hate, you look more like him everyday, Hi Dee Ho.

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