If your confused, I’ll “show” you some liberals.

June 22, 2012

by Mark Parham

I personally, and I know others that share their conservative views and beliefs that write here, have on numerous occasions been labeled as a liberal. Why? Because I refuse to believe as those doing the labeling and choose to think for myself. It’s a novel idea really, and not a new thing. I could probably write the entire diatribe and not mention those I speak of and most everyone would “get” it. Why? because we ARE free thinkers and have the ability to know right from wrong or left from right but when one of these loyalist call me a lib it gives me the opportunity to easily prove them to be the brain-dead citizens they have allowed themselves to become.

Tis true that four years ago I could have cared less about politics, though I always did my rightful duty in voting. Tis also true you would have never found me standing before a room full of people talking, much less in front of our local elected officials telling them what I think of their actions and votes on issues, much less running for that office. In fact, if you would have asked me three years ago what I would be doing today, the answer certainly would not have been, I’m going to be a local political activist. Some people spend a lifetime making politics their business. Learning and knowing the ins and outs and for those I thank you for the knowledge I have picked up from you. I mentioned free thinkers. That translates into Conservatives and that, in the words of the ole Green Acres tune “Is the place to be”.

Now, back to libs. This news article from Red Alert Politics on none other than Van Jones calling conservatives cheap Patriots and Bigots exemplifies perfectly the distinction between left and right. Of course you have to remember ole Van is preaching to a room full of brain-washed, government relying types that would most likely believe that 911 was actually an inside job. To call true American Patriots as cheap and bigots is a leftist tactic and has even come from the faaarrrrr right as well. I will show you true Patriots and the brain-dead, you decide which is which. I know as free thinkers it will be an easy task.








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