I’ll Apologize, Mr Maness, Mrs Landrieu

November 23, 2013

It appears that Mr Maness and Mrs Landrieu have taken great offense of a post over at The Hayride that depicts Mrs. Landrieu as Benito Mussolini. Since Rep. Bill Cassidy’s aid retweeted the link to the article which the picture appeared, both Landrieu and Maness would like Bill Cassidy to apologize for it. As far as we can tell, Cassidy has not honored that apology. We can not speak on the congressman’s behalf, but I would like to take a moment to address Mrs. Landrieu’s hurt feelings and apologize.

dr obamaFirst, to Mr. Maness: While I appreciate your attempt at chivalry, I am so sorry. I am so sorry that you have taken offense to this. I am so sorry that it appears you believe Cassidy is your biggest enemy and thus the enemy of the state of Louisiana. If you believe Bill Cassidy is a bigger problem this state faces than Mary Landrieu is, then I’m sorry to say that I will have to back Congressman Bill Cassidy. I’m sorry to see your priorities of demanding Bill Cassidy apologize. If you ask me, I’d much rather see a Maness/Cassidy runoff than to see Landrieu in the runoff.

But it is Senator Mary Landrieu that deserves the apology. I’m sorry that you feel embarrassed of your country when you go to France. I’m sorry that you live in a state that laughs at their elected officials. Could you forgive us? See we have this thing called freedom of speech that allows us to criticize politicians. Since you have been chosen to represent our state, I would encourage you to learn a little about Louisiana’s politics. Try going to some Mardi Gras parades this year. Mardi Gras will fall on March 4, 2014 and for ten days there will be parades all around the state, many of which make fun of the politicians, both Republican and Democrat. As somebody who lives in Louisiana and not in Washington D.C., I can easily understand why The Hayride would make fun of a politician. If you ever decide to make Louisiana your home instead of Washington D.C., maybe someday you will understand. We even once had a Senator threaten to punch the President of the United States. Oh wait, wasn’t that Landrieu?

I’m also sorry to see that you have your feelings so easily hurt. I’m sorry to see that the Senator who claims to fight on our behalf is so weak as to not be able to handle a picture sporting Musso-gear. I’m also sorry that somebody made a picture of you as if you were a prostitute, suggesting that you screwed everybody over for 300 million dollars. I’m sorry to say that I want somebody stronger to fight on my behalf.

I’m glad to see that you believe in “change” as evidenced in the election year stances you have taken, cozying up to Republicans now that you are up for re-election. I’m glad you have changed your position on the delaying the individual mandate until after your re-election. I’m sure your faith in “change” will continue immediately after your re-election. I’m sorry to say that I do not have such a short term memory and remember how you repeatedly stated how proud you were to vote for this devastating law now known as Obamacare. Why just three weeks ago, you stood firm keeping the government down because you would not capitulate to the Republican demands, those same demands that you now make.

landrieu ProstituteI’m sorry to say, I can’t remember you ever demanding an apology for all the times pictures were posted of George Bush, depicting him as if he were Hitler. I can not recall you calling for an apology by those who throw out the word “racist” simply for disagreeing with the President. While I am sure that there are perhaps a few people who oppose or support Obama simply because of the color of his skin (racist), those who look beyond his color of skin deserve much better treatment from their Senator and her allies.

While you think it’s just a handful of people losing their health insurance, I am knowledgeable in health insurance and I’m sorry to say that the policy that you helped enact will only become more devastating to the people you serve. I’m sorry you think that as a man, that I somehow need to be covered in case I get pregnant. I’m sorry you think I need to pay for drug and alcohol rehabilitation since I neither drink nor do drugs. I’m sorry you think women need to pay for prostate exams. I’m sorry to say that you think your constituents have an endless supply of money, that increasing their insurance premiums, increasing their taxes, and increasing the energy bills won’t have a negative impact on their lives. Unlike certain Senators who just raise taxes when they need more money, I’m sorry to say that we the taxpayers don’t enjoy the same luxury. We don’t get to go to our boss and increase our income whenever we feel like it.

I’m sorry you think that I see a subsidy as some prize, as something that I should be grateful for. I’m sorry to tell you that I am not. I am proud to be self sufficient, proud that I don’t rely on the government. I don’t receive disability, welfare, or any free money. I don’t even work for the government. I do my best to not burden society and I take great pride that I don’t. I’m sorry to say that I don’t think you understand that.

I’m also sorry to say that there is no way in hell that I will cast my vote for your re-election.

P.S., now that I apologized, will you have your staff answer the phone when your constituents call?


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