Lock and Load

June 2, 2007

First off, I owe Pat Buchanan an apology. More than one actually.

I should have been listening to him for the last six years or so.
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The list is too long and too detailed, but basically I believe that many of his views have been vindicated.

The column below should be required reading for anyone right- of center or small “l” libertarian.

Read it and weep.

Way cleared for reorganizing Bidermann’s European unit. (Maurice Bidermann’s men’s wear operations, Bidermann S.A.)(Brief Article)

WWD May 31, 1995 | Weisman, Katherine PARIS — The on-again, off-again financial restructuring of Maurice Bidermann’s European men’s wear operations was on again Tuesday after the major obstacle to its proposed reorganization was removed.

That obstacle was litigation between Maurice Bidermann and Rexnord Holdings, which holds a $13 million claim against Bidermann and had been blocking Bidermann SA’s attempts to restructure for fear that any reorganization would jeopardize the value of the claim.

An agreement signed here Tuesday settles the litigation and enables financing and restructuring plans for Bidermann SA proposed by Lucien Deveaux, a French textile manufacturer, and Sylvain Jama, a retailer, to move forward, according to Dominique Bouchez, managing and financial director of Bidermann SA. go to website gold toe socks

While the restructuring does not involve Bidermann Industries USA (BIUSA), the U. S. arm of Bidermann SA, the settlement of the litigation should help facilitate the efforts to sell the U.S. company. As reported, BIUSA’s board last year put the company on the block — to be sold as a whole or in pieces. One of BIUSA’s businesses is the licensed Ralph Lauren Womenswear line.

Asked Tuesday about its long-suspected interest in buying back the women’s apparel license, a spokeswoman for Polo Ralph Lauren Corp. in New York said the company had no comment Tuesday’s agreement here was signed by Maurice Bidermann, Deveaux and Jeffrey Steiner, president of Rexnord Holdings. web site gold toe socks

Bouchez did not disclose the complete terms of the agreement He said that the French parties were pleased to have come to an agreement and to now be able to go ahead with getting Bidermann back on track. He said that the company has been on the road to recovery over the last several months.

Michel Zelnik, president and chief executive of BIUSA, could not be reached for comment Tuesday. However, when asked earlier this month about the prospect of an end to the Bidermann-Rexnord litigation, he said the release of all potential claims by Rexnord would make it easier to sell BIUSA because potential buyers would no longer be scared off by the existence of a possible liability.

Zelnik would not give a time frame for the sale of BIUSA.

In addition to Lauren Womenswear, BIUSA makes Arrow shirts, Gold Toe socks and licensed Yves Saint Laurent men’s wear. As reported, BIUSA has struck a deal to sell its Great American Knitting Mills unit, maker of Gold Toe socks, to Renfro Corp.

Weisman, Katherine


That is all i am asking.Just for People to take a real look and vote for who they belive is the best canidate for real change and not just putting in the same type of people.Btw i found this on Barrack Obama and his health care plan. The Obama health care proposal is based on five principles: 1. Reduce insurance premiums for businesses and workers by subsidizing “catastrophic cases” such as cancer and heart disease 2. Focus the health care system on preventing costly, debilitating diseases 3. Reduce the cost of health care by improving the quality of health care – (includes providing the public with information about preventable medical errors, nurse-to-patient ratios, and hospital-acquired infections) 4. Save billions in waste and inefficiency by moving away from a paper-based medical records system to one based on the latest information technology – (to enable ready access to patient information such as prescriptions and allergies, prevent errors and substantially reduce time spent on paperwork) 5. “Break the stranglehold” that a small group of drug and insurance companies have on the health care market – (includes making generic drugs more easily accessible and prosecuting monopolies in the insurance industry)


“Vote Bobby Jindal for Governor and Barrack Obama for president.” Actually, it's something I'm looking at. I've been trying to reason with a Republican friend of mine that if we do end up with socialized medicine, etc., it will be the Republicans fault. Health care costs are indeed skyrocketing. This is a reality. Instead of vigorously working for a free-market solution, the Republican establishment (elected officials AND media pundits) tell us it's either all in our imagination our all our fault. Now THAT'S a winning message! Same goes for high gas prices and illegal immigration. I am skeptical of a nationalized health care system, but you can't beat something with nothing- and that's what Republicans have with the health care problem. JMO


"Vote Bobby Jindal for Governor and Barrack Obama for president." Works for me.


Wish i could be happy over all of this,but the democrat party is sitting just as far back as bush.The democratic party should be riding high right now Like Bobby Jindal in louisiana.Bush is working hard for the Democratic party and yet they can not gain any real ground on the republican party.Oh i know we a small lead right now.Because no one has really moved beyond blaming bush for everything and come up with any plans of their own, the democratic party has not shown any new hope for our country.That being said ,i will say Barrack Obama has shown he is a real leader and has a real plan for health care.I will point out again Hillary Clinton had 8 years of information on the war from her husband and voted for it.So when she claims bush lied to her about the war, what about the information from her husband on the war.You may not like Barrack Obama being New but that is the best thing about him.If you want real change in any game you must change the players and not just send in the same people we have already had.Vote Bobby Jindal for Governor and Barrack Obama for president.

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