I’m Switching To Romney

February 2, 2008

I did my best, I supported the candidate that best suited me, and he lost in his bid to become the Republican nominee. In fact, the Republican nomination process is done. Yes I am slightly disheartened that Ron Paul, a candidate who has never voted to increase taxes, is pro-life, wants to be serious about border security, and generally wants to adhere to the constitution (something us conservatives value enough to want our Judges to adhere to, just not our politicians), didn’t win. But thus goes the political process.  You win some you lose some.
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There are certain rules about politics that we should always remember, and because of these rules, we ought to remember how we treat each other, especially within our own party.

#1 There are no permanent friends

#2  There are no permanent enemies

#3 It’s never personal in politics

That last rule is much easier said than done since it is a double sided rule. Meaning that you don’t take things your opposition did as being personal nor do you take things to a personal level. The primary is over now, it’s time to forget the past, unite with our recent enemies from the opposing camps, and do what we can to help the next best thing, or at least prevent our general election from having two liberals vying to become the President.

I’m saying that our party victor is Mitt Romney, and it’s time for conservatives to rally around Mitt Romney before we surrender all control of the party to John McCain. McCain has been a man who has time and time been unpredictable through his “straight talk” because he has no center convictions, unless you believe that believing in building on a political career as a core conviction, that is.

I’m not encouraging anybody to switch to Huckabee or Paul so late in the game, I did what I could to get you guys to support Paul. But now we are faced with a much greater challenge, either hold on to all of our core values so staunchly that we end up losing the battle on several, perhaps nearly all, key fronts, or get behind one candidate and preserve our values within the party so that we can come back and fight another day.

I’m asking you, my fellow conservatives that support Mike Huckabee, to break away and vote for Mitt Romney. Romney is flawed in many ways, to say the least, but judging on how dependable John McCain was throughout the Bush administration, I’d say he’s broken. Would you rather have a flawed candidate now? Or would you rather have a candidate that’s broken, garnering support only because he finds himself in a position that we all thought Rudy Giuliani was in 8 months ago. That is to say, 8 months ago, we all thought Giuliani was our best hope at beating Hillary Clinton, now we all say McCain is the guy.

And what if, oh I don’t know, say Hillary Clinton isn’t the Democrat party’s nominee? Can McCain beat Obama? Did we ever think about him? Are we just nominating a person just to keep Hillary out of the White house? Or do we even want to win the Presidency?

McCain is a flawed man and I can see a best case scenario of John McCain winning the nomination, and Obama winning the Presidency. If we must have a Jackass for President, at least Obama would be in the correct party. Worst case scenario, McCain actually wins the Presidency and his left wing standards becomes what conservativism of the future is.

Haven’t we lost enough ground when it comes to the expansion of government? When it comes to standing up for our borders? Is John McCain’s priorities the same as yours when he pushes campaign finance reform? Do you really believe that a bunch of politicians  (especially McCain after he was caught up in the S&L scandal in the 80’s) really want to make it easier for incumbents to lose?

I’m stepping away from my support of Ron Paul and would like to encourage Mike Huckabee to drop out of the race, and encourage Mike Huckabee supporters to do as I am doing and back Mitt Romney. We can disagree on the minor issues, but we have so much more, as conservatives, at stake.  My friends in Mike Huckabee’s camp, do what I’m doing… don’t surrender your values, just vote Mitt Romney, and come back to fight another day. The future of our party is at stake.


Not me. I'm going down with the ship.

The Numbers Guy
The Numbers Guy

To quote the country song, "I was for Romney when Romney wasn't cool." Welcome aboard, ya'll !


I hope both Huckabee and Paul stay in. I'm sick and tired of this "electablility" crap. Ron Paul brings issues to the table that neither Romney or McCain are willing to address because of the groupthink amoung the Republican establishment. Huckabee does the same. If he wins, then hopefully I'm wrong, but I do not believe Mitt Romney will be the one to truly fight against illegal immigration, especially the businesses hiring illegals. Mitt Romney is getting much of his support from big business interests, and we need to remember, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and many in corporate U.S. endorsed the McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill. They were on the same side as open-border groups like LaRaza. When it's time to fish or cut bait, where will Rommey's real allegence lie? It was working, middle-class America that stood up and said NO to McCain-Kennedy. The Republican Party needs a brokered convention, because they need to be forced to listen to guys like Paul and Huckabee.

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