Impeach Obama? I Say No!

November 6, 2008

Andrew Breitbart is running a story about “Impeach Barack Obama” groups being formed on less than 24 hours after the Senator won the Presidential election. I find it very disappointing that these groups have popped up.

I’m not pulling an Ariana Huffington here, telling everybody what a great conservative I am only to switch to the other side. It simply does not make sense for us to go off the deep end over every little thing Barack Obama does much like pretty much the entire Democrat Party did to George Bush.

The very first thing we ought to do is look at the positive. No longer can anybody talk about us as a racist nation. Rev. Jessie Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton can no longer profit off of every quasi race issue they can find, these two might actually have to lead a prayer and start reading a Bible for the first time in their careers. No longer can people say they can’t get a job because of their race, this nation just hired a black man to the most prestigious job in the United States. No longer can we say that White people act one way, but in private act a completely different way… in the most personal and private way they can have their voice be heard, race was not an issue. Minorities through out the United States have lost any excuse for not accomplishing something in their life. In this respect, Barack Obama has already made America a better place.

With that being said, let’s talk about crimes he may or may not have committed. So what? We made the case off all the issues surrounding him and we lost the argument. If the American public didn’t care that he was close friends with a terrorist, trusted his spiritual adviser Jeremiah Wright, had connections to Raila Odinga, paid ACORN to encourage fraudulent votes, among many other things, do you really think they are going to buy into these same things 24-48 hours after his election? If Barack Obama is a criminal and we have a potentially treasonous person heading to the White House, don’t you think it won’t be long before he commits another treasonous act? Even if we were to be successful, what good would come of it so early in the game? If he does commit acts against the United States after he becomes President, won’t he then single handedly destroy the entire Democrat Party? Won’t the American people realize that it was their own life being put in danger because, as we see it, they didn’t take the election seriously? And wouldn’t that make them severely more cautious in future elections for many years to come? If he is an habitual criminal or a treasonous person, he’ll slip up soon enough.

And then there’s the issue of Congress, and last time I checked, we don’t have enough votes to impeach him no matter how much evidence to convict him. We couldn’t even get a 1 second speech in on the subject. Is that worth our time? Is that really how we want to represent what conservative ideas are about? That we like to waste time impeaching the man our nation just elected as President? I say no, ladies and gentlemen, this is not who we are, this isn’t what we are all about. As the first Republican elected to the Presidency stated “The cure to a bad election is the next one.”–Abraham Lincoln. Let us be focused on ideas, not feeling sorry for ourselves because we lost an election.

Speaking of ideas, our are better and the Democrats know our ideas are better, why else would so many of them be running for office using our ideas? Congressman Don Cazayoux, who the national media made a big fuss because he won a Republican seat in Louisiana during a May,2008 election, is already on the way out. He tried to tell people down here what a great conservative he was, how he was for drilling for oil, spreading false and/or misleading information about his opponent, and then going back to Washington only to be a full blown Liberal. Don Cazayoux may have had the shortest career in the history of the United States congress. People aren’t stupid, they are much smarter than politicos tend to give them credit for. As for the Presidential election? The people weren’t stupid, we Republicans just stupidly believed that we can get respect from Democrats by being nice with them.

So why do Democrats take our ideas and campaign with them? Because the American people will reject their ideas, which coincidentally, are the same ideas Senator McCain often practiced in the Senate. Liberalism, a nicer way of saying socialism, is rejected by people. The people don’t want government solving all of their problems, the people don’t want confiscatory taxes, the people don’t want government infringing on their few remaining rights. The war is what saved Bush’s reelection, big government ideas/Homeland Security could have cost him the White House. John McCain was George Bush for all the wrong reasons, he wasn’t George Bush for all the right reasons.

With Mr. Obama in the White House, a power starved confiscatory Democratic congress, and self righteous winds at their backs, the Democrats are destined to over reach and make the Republic regret it’s decision to give them so much power. We as Republicans will have our opportunity to seize the day. What we do with that time is up to us. What good would it do us to regain power only to continue the same policies that the Democrats did? Return to conservatism and Carpe Diem.

See the Obamanation cheer as the Hammer and Sickle is held up at an Obama victory party.

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I agree that it's a bit premature to talk of impeachment just yet. With all of Obama's Marxist / socialist acolytes and close confidants, it's just a question of time though. One of the best vehicles available today to win hearts and minds is the relatively new medium of the political video parody. One of the most difficult undertakings that a conservative can attempt is having a civilized exchange of ideas with a committed liberal. The first time you make a point or irrefutible observation, the liberal will resort to name calling and personal attacks in a childlike temper tantrum to get their way. Civilized discussion is out the window. Perhaps until the time is right for a serious call for impeachment we can call attention to outrageous actions through political parody. Through the laughter a little truth may sink in a bit at a time. Remember, if you don't make them laugh they will try to kill you.


I would question only one statement-that people are not stupid. The election of the most unqualified candidate ever to compete for the presiedency and the reelection of Jefferson and Stevens seems to put that staemnent in question. Agree with you on the idiotic impeachment groups. Maybe they should wait until an impeachable offense occurs before the braying begins!


Some people are just nuts.... There's going to be a lot of stuff coming out on Obama just give it time. One thing, I wonder what happened to all the voter fraud. Did it mysteriously disappear?


One thing I have to correct you on. According to Travesty, er I mean, Tavist Smiley, America has not moved beyond race, and we are not a post-racial society just because we elected a black man as president. It looks like the race pimps aren't out of business after all.

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