Impeaching Cheney?

November 7, 2007

Article III Section 3 of the United States Constitution – Treason

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court.
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The Congress shall have power to declare the punishment of treason, but no attainder of treason shall work corruption of blood, or forfeiture except during the life of the person attainted.

Sounds familiar eh? It’s not like we’ve had congressmen go to the land of enemies of our country and bad mouth the President, or the actors, or singers, or a myriad of other wackos who criticized our President during a time of war and at the side of our enemies.

But who do Democrats want to punish? Dick Cheney. In a recent house debate, Democrats wanted to impeach Vice President Dick Cheney. The measure by Dennis Kookcinich, Democrat from the “high” part of Ohio, to throw out the Veep, is still being debated in the House.

I believe that we clearly made a tremendous mistake in our society by allowing treasonous acts to be committed without fear. We have people in this country who have demanded that our enemies be given better treatment than our soldiers get. We hold our soldiers accountable for their actions, and yet, we have people who are going overseas to encourage, aid, and comfort our enemies. Whatever happened to politics ends where the sea begins? And to want to throw our country into disarray during a time of war, especially after 9-11, is despicable. Whether one agrees with Iraq or not, we must not throw our country into disarray.

But Kookcinich wants to put extreme liberal Nancy Pelosi just one heart beat away from being President. I understand why Kookcinich would want to do this, the only way his version of America can make it’s way into the White House is if he imposes his will onto the rest of us.

It’s a risky thing to do during these times. We are at war, we have enemies throughout the world such as Al Qaida, North Korea, Iran, and Venezuela, that removal of the Vice President would make the President a tremendous target. Think about what would happen if we removed the Vice President and then the President gets assassinated (*Disclaimer-dear FBI, in no way am I encouraging any harm to the President), Nancy Pelosi, the congress’s version of Governor Kathleen Blanco, then becomes President.

The disarray that would happen in this country if we lost both the Veep and the President with Nancy Pelosi as the back up? No thanks.

And even if a foreign enemy of this country wasn’t able to get to the President, we have enough kooks in this country that would do it. There are people in this country that have become so fanatical about socialism that they will be willing to throw the country into disarray. Know you’re history, this is how socialism gets instituted after the people flat out reject it time and time again. Socialism isn’t just a political theory, it’s a religious cult whose members are willing to kill and die killing capitalist for their religious cause.

I hate to sound like an alarmist, but we are not talking about normal and sane people here. This element of the left aren’t your grandma’s granola, tamborines, and kumbaya. They are the Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro idolizers we’re dealing with.

But ultimately we are to blame for allowing America to be put into such a position. We’ve voted for “moderate” and “Conservative” democrats and what did they do first? Put a liberal extremist two heart beats away from becoming the Next President and elevated Kookcinich to a position of any significance.

Nancy Pelosi is what Louisiana gets for voting Democrats Charlie Melancon and William Jefferson, both voted to put Nancy Pelosi in this position. For the record, the Louisiana Republican delegation did not vote for Pelosi as Speaker of the House. A vote for moderate or conservative Democrats is a vote for liberal extremism.


The Cincinnati Post (Cincinnati, OH) December 13, 2007 Byline: Richard Wilson and Linda Ebbing, Hamilton Journal News Some 200 people gathered in front of a burned out apartment building in Hamilton Wednesday night carrying balloons, candles and memories of DeMarcus Thomas.

The 12-year-old, an Adams Elementary School sixth-grader and a linebacker for the Little Blue football team, was killed in a fire at his home Wednesday morning.

A close circle of DeMarcus’ teammates were at the center of the vigil in front of the apartment building on Hueston Street. Many cried as prayers were said and blue and white balloons were released into the night sky. this web site chaco credit union

“It’s sad that it takes a moment like this to remind us how important family is,” an emotional Little Blue coach Chad Riddick told the gathering.

Riddick, who had coached DeMarcus since he was in the second grade, said he’ll be remembered as a polite, easy-going young man and an exceptional athlete.

“Toughest one around ever. Coaches would come on the field and shake his hand and look at you and say, ‘Where did you get this kid?'” “The sky was the limit. He could have played pro ball if he wanted to,” Riddick predicted. “You couldn’t stop him from doing anything he wanted to do.” DeMarcus’ sister, Deona Thomas, survived the blaze. She climbed out of her bedroom window and jumped into the arms of a neighbor while black smoke and flames poured out of the home just after 6 a.m.

The siblings’ mother — Shunquela “Nikki” Thomas — and two younger siblings were not at home.

The school district’s crisis response team — including 15 school psychologists and counselors — was at Adams Elementary Wednesday to support students and staff members, as well as parents who needed to talk about how to support their children in the grieving process, said district administrator Bill Valerius.

Team members visited classrooms and talked to students.

Fire investigators spent most of Wednesday sifting through the ruins inside the apartment. As of Wednesday night they had not determined the cause of the blaze.

Steve Dawson, deputy chief of the Hamilton Fire Department, said he believed it started in the downstairs living room. Char and soot patterns will help determine how fast the fire spread, which will help to rule out possible causes, Dawson said. go to web site chaco credit union

“Anytime you have a fire fatality, it’s suspicious,” Dawson said. “We’re paying attention to the small details, but we may never know the cause of the blaze.” An autopsy was planned. Butler County Coroner Dr. Richard Burkhardt was expected to announce findings this morning.

Friends of the Thomases said the family lost all its possessions in the fire, including this year’s Christmas gifts. A memorial fund account is expected to be opened today at the Chaco Credit Union.


Photo NICK DAGGY/Hamilton JournalNews Members of Hamilton’s sixth-grade Little Blue football team gathered Wednesday outside the home of teammate DeMarcus Thomas, who was killed in a fire earlier that morning at the apartment where he lived.

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