The Importance of Protecting Our Borders

February 16, 2011

Shortly after 9-11, I was often treated as if I were an Arabic. One time, I was even called a “Camel Jockey”. Not knowing what a “camel jockey” was, I had to ask the guy next to me what a “camel jockey” was. He explained that it was a derogatory term for Arabic to which I responded, “what’s he going to do for an encore, go into the ghetto and call everybody a honky?”
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I get it, the guy took one look at me and in the emotional aftermath of 9-11 assumed that I was Arabic, even though I wasn’t.

I’m not going to worry about the guys racism or whatever. It was an emotional time for all Americans and since I don’t know the guy, it really isn’t fair for me to brand the guy as a racist being so close to 9-11. More importantly he helped me recognize what I can look like.

If you put a turban on my head, strapped a bomb around my waste, and put me out in the street screaming Allah Akbar, somebody is going to shoot me and they ought to. But if it’s that easy for me to look like a Muslim terrorist, then wouldn’t it be just as easy for a Muslim terrorist to put a poncho over his shoulders, a sombrero on his head, and learn to say “Donde esta Estados Unidos? Suddenly you have a very dangerous illegal immigrant, right?

In other words, for me, it’s not the Mexicans coming across the border that I fear, it’s the Muslim terrorist. While some of you may laugh at this theory, keep in mind that a book celebrating suicide bombers was found in an Arizona desert.

It’s bad enough that we turned a blind eye as thousands of Mexicans suffer just on the other side of our border, and it’s just stupid to do nothing as we see the violence in Mexico spill over our border and still do nothing, but to continue to do nothing about protecting our borders even after we find a book celebrating suicide bombers is well… suicide.

But as I say this, I do harbor some resentment to those who damage the argument of border protection by singling out Mexicans as the problem. It sends chills up my spine to hear somebody suggest that Latinos do not have Rights as Americans do, Rights that are grant by God, and it turns the argument from a national security issue into an issue of race, which it should never be.

With Egypt now threatened with the prospect of Sharia Law now being imposed on them, and other countries such as Yemen now faced with their own Muslim uprisings, and an Presidential administration that appears to be ignorant and incompetent on the situation in Egypt, we must become more in tune with what is happening at our own borders.

Even Leftist don’t want to die because of ignorance.

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I agree with you that the Muslims are coming across the border at alarming rates and if our government is even going to pretend to care about national security it ought to be protecting us from that alone. But it's also as serious to leave the borders open so that the Mexican drug cartels can come in and wage war against American citizens and officials. Our borders should not be a war zone and it's wholly unacceptable to allow this to continue. While we're all being told to focus on how we ought to keep our eyes open for crime at Walmart, our government is turning two blind eyes to outright war at a border. And what's this I hear that our own ATF is supplying weapons to these drug cartels? Where's the media? Where's the outrage? Where are the impeachment proceedings?


We need to leave egypt alone to determine there problems and remedies. I can assure the US government does not only not have all the answers they do not have any answers. Look at the havoc the US gov has cused for it's own citizens... or should I say "subjects".


There were 137,000 OTM's (Other Than Mexican) illegals arrested on the Texas border last year according to the James Baker II Institute at Rice University in Houston, TX. They have followed Hamas and Hizbulloh college recruitments for over a decade. Indoctrination takes several years, the last 2 in Mexico learning language. They blend in so well they are undetectable even by the locals before crossing the border to the U.S.

Jenn Sierra
Jenn Sierra

You're spot on, Jeff...and I really hope you're right about that last part.

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