Is it Really About Limbaugh?

October 3, 2007

Senate Democrats today condemned radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh and though I know many of you out there are glad to see this happen, but I’d contend that those of you who are grinning at this matter really do hold freedom with utter disdain. I’m not going to defend Rush Limbaugh here, the man debates people for three hours a day, he’s more than capable of holding his own water on this. In fact, I don’t need to. [ad#Google Adsense]
I think it stands on its own when Rush Limbaugh has soldiers calling his show thanking him for his support, while the Senate has John Kerry, a guy who called the troops in Iraq stupid, and the rest of the Democrats who don’t think we should question the patriotism of people who side with our enemies before they side with our allies, our President, or even our own soldiers.

If hypocrisy was reason enough to resign from public office, then there’s 41 Senators who ought to be turning in their resignation in the morning. After ignoring’s General ‘Betray Us’, John Murtha’s checker contest with Saddam and the myriad other unpatriotic actions, in fact, we’re not even supposed to question their patriotism, now want to question Limbaugh’s patriotism.

But what’s really disturbing, and those of you sitting on the fence need to pay attention here, is that the elected Democrats signing a resolution against a public citizen for comments that he made border’s very closely to censorship. True censorship, not the “you don’t have the right to suppress my free speech even though I invaded your private meeting” type of censorship.

This is a great grab at power, at total control over our lives. It doesn’t matter if it’s Rush Limbaugh or Al Franken. It’s one thing for a Senator to disagree with a private citizen, it’s despotic to sign onto resolutions condemning a person for their views.

When I think about voting for a third party, usually out of disgust of the Republican party, it’s things like this that put me back in line. As bad as Republicans may seem, I know where the Democrats want to lead us. This is a party that’s led us into opposition of our troops, in condemning Bobby Jindal’s private religious beliefs, into taking God out of our schools, and consistently undermines the great American dream by punishing the rich out of existence. While the Republicans at least stand up for America, Democrats consistently take every opportunity to trash it.

Among this list of 41 Senators was our very own Mary Landrieu. After threatening to punch President Bush and signing on to this public intimidation of Rush Limbaugh, aren’t you glad she isn’t a leading spokeswoman on peace? This fall, I don’t care if you vote Republican or not, just don’t vote for Democrats. They aren’t the answer, they haven’t been the answer for a very long time. Next year, when it’s time to vote for a Senator, remember, Mary Landrieu is just another violent peacenik. It’s time to clean up our system from people who’ll play politics with a war, committing acts of sedition, and putting the lives of our soldiers at risk in order to prove how right they were about losing the war.

At this point, I’d like to encourage State Treasurer John Kennedy to run against Mary Landrieu. I’ve had enough of her, in fact, vote for Sammy Kershaw, vote for Gary Beard, just vote her damn brother Mitch out too.


It's so obvious to me that this latest attempt to pillory Rush stems from the dismal failure (and the subsequent loss of face for the anti-war loons) of the Petraeus-Betray us ads. Unfortunately, as it's painfully obvious to anyone with an elementary reading comprehension ability that Rush was only talking about either those fake soldiers who join the anti-war movement and the soldiers who have crafted lies about atrocities, massacres, etc., I don't expect the anti-Rush storm to last long, particularly as underhanded attempts to reinstate the "Fairness Doctrine" seem to be failing at every turn.

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