Is It Possible To Make Enemies Faster?

May 20, 2011

I used to write “Liberal Sermons” in which I would joke how much Liberalism has become more of a cult than a political party. Lampooning the Left was fun back then, but even though I was exaggerating how far left they would be, I never seriously believed that so many on the left would have a lemming mentality. After becoming so vested by accusing the Republicans of being Nazis during the eight years under President Bush, have carelessly voted for a President who favors Hamas, Palestinians, and Muslims over our closest ally in the Middle East. Next time a Democrat calls a Republican a “Nazi”, the Republican only needs to respond, “Hey, I didn’t vote for Obama.”

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Obama has shown hostility towards Israel on previous occasions, and reportedly told the Egyptian Prime Minister that he is indeed “a Muslim”, and that the Quran says it’s okay to “lie about your faith to your enemies”, and that after he took care of some issues (health care), he would show for the Muslim world. Whether that’s true or not, I don’t know, I wasn’t there. Still, his actions ought to speak louder than his words and the more we give him the benefit of the doubt, the more he benefits.

I’m appalled at the Left, who seem so bereft of any core moral value except for one. That is to see things so black and white, that all Republicans are evil and can do no right, and that all Democrats are good, and can do no wrong. If there’s one thing we ought to be thankful to Obama for is because he exposes this on what seems to be a daily basis. Democrats don’t believe in rushing to war? Only when it’s a Republican in the White House. Democrats believe in freedom of speech and of the press? Well, as long as you agree with them. Democrats are the “anti-Nazi” party? Unless of course it’s a Democrat President who is very hostile towards Israel. It’s so easy to go on and on with the one standard that Democrats hold up, that it’s only wrong if Republicans do it, NEVER wrong when the Democrats do it.

I’m blown away how Democrats in general insist that President Obama has restored our respect in the world, that the previous eight years, people in other countries were burning effigies of President Bush, but you don’t see that happening with President Obama. Just because the Main Stream Media doesn’t show it to you, doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

We all know that England is a close ally of the United States, so why then does the President insult England by sending the bust of Winston Churchill back? Why is it, that President Obama can’t have the same close relationship with England that all of our previous President’s have had? Save at the beginning of our foundation. This alone is worthy of one article.

It’s not the disdain of Israel by this President that raised my eyebrows, though it certainly was not lost on me, during his speech declaring that Israel move their borders to pre-1967 levels. What captured my attention is that he believes he has the Right to dictate to another country what their borders will be. That he shows no respect for the sovereignty of another nation.

Certainly a straight A graduate from Harvard Law would understand jurisdiction, so is it possible that President Obama won’t release his collegiate records because he skated by the skin of his teeth? Is it possible that he was nothing more than a slacker? We don’t have the Right as a country to make a country redraw their borders, and just because somebody gets elected President, that does not make them emperor of the world. How is it that President Obama doesn’t understand that?

This is not the first time President Obama has attempted to dictate and, moreover, expected the other country to do what he says because he said so publicly. Remember when he told Honduras that they needed to re-instate Manuel Zelaya after it was discovered he was trying to instill himself as President of Honduras for life? It was his own party and the Supreme Court of Honduras that through him out of office, yet President Obama couldn’t side with Zelaya, Ortega, Castro, and Chavez quick enough.

Do you remember how he told Mubarak to step down, and Mubarak didn’t? The President of the United States does not get to decide who runs other countries, or who doesn’t. Or does this rule only apply when a Republican is President and our nation is at war with that country? We were not at war with Egypt.

What is our purpose for bombing Libya? Is it to remove Gaddafi? Are we not trying to force him out of power? A much bigger dilemma for the rest of the world is… Who’s next? Who is President Obama going to decide needs to step down, and who will he decide gets to stay? He seems to favor Ahmadinejad, but that might have something to do with the Iranian born Valerie Jarrett. I wouldn’t expect to see President Obama telling Ahmadinejad to step down soon, but other Middle Eastern countries? And what’s to stop him in the Middle East? Could President Obama’s aspirations be emperor of the world? Well, he’s a Democrat, so at least we know our friends on the other side of the aisle would be more than proud to have Emperor Obama, King of the World.

NPGA moves to stymie congressional threat to PERC authorization law.(INDUSTRY NEWS & NUMBERS)(National Propane Gas Association)(Propane Education & Research Council)

LP/Gas December 1, 2011 An ill-timed effort to create a checkoff program for the Christmas tree industry has produced a legislative backlash that threatens the operation of the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC).

On Nov. 8, a program of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) establishing a “national research and promotion program for Christmas trees” to strengthen and expand markets for fresh-cut U.S. Christmas trees was published in the Federal Register. The effort provided for an assessment of 15 cents per tree – similar to self-assessments that other industries use to fund their checkoff programs.

The program was several years in the making by the Christmas tree industry after concern about lost market share to the artificial Christmas tree Industry. An industry task force proposed that the USDA create the program by regulation to be followed by a referendum among domestic tree producers and importers three years after the first assessments to determine whether they favor its continuation.

Despite widespread usage of the phrase “Christmas tree tax” in a flurry of media reports about the program, the assessment was not intended to be a tax to raise revenue for the government. But unfavorable public reaction forced the White House to announce Nov. 9 that implementation of the program was indefinitely delayed. here christmas tree tax

Among the many critics was Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C, who lambasted the checkoff program in his blog. Calling it “crony capitalism” and “the stupidest tax of all time,” DeMint promised to offer an amendment for its repeal.

On Nov. 16, DeMint submitted two amendments he plans to propose to deauthorize all checkoff programs. One would repeal the Propane Education & Research Act (PERA); the other would prohibit the use of funds to pay the salaries and expenses of Department of Energy (DOE) staff that oversee PERC.

National Propane Gas Association (NPGA) leaders have told state association executives that the prospects of the DeMint amendments moving forward are “moderate to low.” Still, NPGA says it is treating them seriously because they represent the philosophical opposition, gaining credibility from groups on the right, to checkoff programs.

Congress enacted PERA in 1996 “to enhance safety, training, research and development, and safety education in the propane gas industry for the benefit of propane consumers and the public.” It established an unpaid 21-member council (PERC) to direct and oversee the spending of tens of millions of dollars generated annually from an assessment on each gallon of odorized propane. web site christmas tree tax

Although the lion’s share of PERC spending had been focused on a consumer advertising campaign to promote propane as the energy of choice for American homeowners, those early initiatives were quashed two years ago by order of the U.S. Department of Commerce. PERC credited that campaign for adding 65,000 new residential propane customers and $118 million in revenue from 2001-07.

The law stipulates that PERC’s operations are to be overseen by the DOE, although a federal review found that oversight to be minimal. In fact, DOE has not exercised any authority provided by Congress – reviewing PERC s budget, providing recommendations regarding its programs and activities or determining whether propane assessment costs are improperly being passed on to consumers. PERA also provides that oversight expenses incurred by the department to be reimbursed back to DOE, but it has never requested any.

Philip Squair, senior vice president for public and governmental affairs for the NPGA, said it’s unclear if DeMint simply doesn’t understand how checkoff programs work.

The association has been in contact with his office to try to differentiate checkoff programs that exclusively promote agriculture industry commodities – such as milk, beef, pork and eggs – with propane’s version that features vital safety and consumer education components.

“We are working to ensure that he knows what it means to the state of South Carolina and to the safety of the industry overall,” Squair said. “It doesn’t cost taxpayers any money, and there are clear safety and training benefits to having PERA alive and well. It’s a good program that should remain in place.” NPGA also has been recruiting support from industry ally Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, who is the top Republican on the Senate Energy Committee.

Squair said opposition also could come as a point of order to DeMint’s efforts to move the legislation as an amendment to an appropriations bill that funds energy and water development agencies for the fiscal year ending Sept. 20,2012.

“Appropriators don’t like it when legislators muck up their work,” Squair explained. “They’re considered turf issues.”


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