Is Louisiana to remain “The Sportsman’s Paradise”?

January 22, 2013

by Mark Parham

Disclaimer: The following is the opinion of the writer and not necessarily that of Louisiana Conservative dot com


If left up to Washington liberals (who naturally know what is best for you and I) Louisiana sportsmen would soon be running down their game and taking it bare handed if they were able to pass comprehensive gun control nation wide. Of course this would only affect law abiding, responsible gun owners as the criminal element in our society doesn’t seem to bother themselves with a matter of a law hindering them from gun possession. If I recall correctly, the 2nd Amendment provides the RIGHT to own and bear weapons. There is NO word in there that says I NEED a specific type of firearm or that I should only be allowed a certain firearm and I am quite certain our Founding Fathers were wise enough to envision technological advancements of weaponry to include what may be developed in the future.


Perhaps we should ask Chuck Schumer about his hypocritical viewpoint of what is and isn’t considered and assault weapon. Again I’m certain what he is wielding would be deemed an assault weapon in my hands but apparently just fine for ole Chuck.

How am I to believe anything this man does is GOOD for me or America? And its not just Chuck but many of his DC cronies to boot.

Isn’t a baseball bat an assault weapon? How about a hammer? BTW, the hammer has killed more people than any gun on the market, are we banning hammers?



Let’s take a quick look at what is considered an assault rifle as opposed to an AR-15 or equivalent. An assault rifle is defined militarily, such as the M4A1, is any weapon capable firing multiple rounds each time the trigger is pulled, like the M4A1, which makes it fully automatic and capable of firing as many as 900 rounds per minute. On the other hand, the AR style rifle available to you and I is semi-automatic. This means it fires one round each time the trigger is pulled, capable of firing between 45 and 60 rounds per minute depending on the skills of the user. A stark comparison to the automatic available to our military, wouldn’t you say? Leave it to the Obama media machine and liberal demorats(sic) to sell Americans lies about the TRUE definition of assault rifle. The AR is no different than any semi-automatic deer rifle on the market other than its clothing. Simply because something may look menacing doesn’t make it true, unless of course you are looking at a picture of our US Congress.

In a previous article about the proposed Louisiana bill to protect against more federal restrictions on our 2nd Amendment Rights, read here, I neglected to cover some very important points that could result from the passage or failure of the legislation. First, many of our Louisiana Representatives and Senators know with the passage of such legislation comes the threat from Washington to withhold federal dollars from Louisiana. By the same token, if this legislation is lost in committee and never makes it to a vote, our State Senators, Representatives and Governor Jindal (termed) must know that their inaction to protect the rights of Louisiana citizens according to our US and State Constitutions will have consequences. Do we remain the “Sportsman’s Paridise” or become equal to our game?



There is no assault weapon more fierce than the voting booth.

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