Is there a “perfect candidate”?

November 25, 2011

by Mark Parham

Debate after debate (which I think is stupid on the part of these candidates) is a killing field to say the least. I have known from the beginning that we are being set up once again as we were in 08. I think we all know this to be true. Even as I pen this we know who the MSM has already chosen for us as the next GOP hopeful. What exactly are we looking for in a candidate that will be best for America and Her future? The Messiah we already have, and He isn’t living up to the expectations of the majority that put Him in office. He is however carrying out the transformation of our nation as He promised he would do to the dismay of patriotic Americans and even now some of the “useful idiots” that voted for Him. The GOP choice has to be less than a Messiah. Yes, I said less. We need a person with proven mistakes and the will to overcome those mistakes and carry on. Nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes throughout our lives and eventually those closet doors are opened and we answer for them but we keep moving forward lest we become less of what God has in store for us.

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We’ve seen Bachman, Perry and Cain attacked when they were making moves up in the polls and these constant debates, put on by liberal media, are designs to weed out possibly best choice so we are left with the media’s choice we are supposed to be happy about. Newt is now in the cross-hairs of the media as he should be and the next top contender will be as well.  Newt is without a doubt the most intelligent of the bunch when its comes to foreign affairs but the ghosts of past will take him down. Sen. Rick Santorum owned nearly every question as though he were fed the answers. Ron Paul, well what can I say about Paul that has not already been said. This is my opinion and does not reflect the thoughts or beliefs of the Louisiana Conservative website. Though Paul has never faltered or flip-flopped on his beliefs and prior legislation, he is the right candidate IF you believe in white supremacy and reverting back to the radical racial wars of the 60’s. This truly would not be a stretch considering our current Administration is well on its way of accomplishing just that. How many more debates will it take for the powers that be in the GOP to say, “well, here’s the best we have to offer America”?

After Thanksgiving lunch on Thursday I had some family members ask who I thought was our best choice to beat President Obama. After very little thought I simply said anybody we end up with as a candidate would get my vote because the media will vet and destroy the best choices, it’s their job to do so. It was very hard for me to convince life time democrats that their party was no longer what they believed it to be and what it had become.  My eighty-six yr old Father simply said if he didn’t see who he liked to run against Obama, he simply would not vote for either. I could not believe he said that, coming from a man that I have NEVER known to miss a vote. It didn’t take long to prove, since I had just ran for local office and lost, that not voting is a vote for the incumbent. So again they asked who that perfect candidate would be?  We have all sinned, we all lie and at some time in our lives we hurt those that loved or trusted us. Why should we expect our leaders to be any different? There is no perfect candidate regardless of party so my answer to family and friends is any candidate BUT President Obama. If we wait for perfect to come along we won’t have a candidate on the ballot. If we expect the MSM to provide that candidate we are already lost. We simply need someone that still believes America is the greatest country in the world and not ashamed of it.

What it comes down to and what it will come down to is this: any candidate but Obama.  To make this a reality will take you and I going to the polls and casting our votes every time an election occurs or the day may come that we no longer have that RIGHT.


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