It’s About LYING, Stupid

August 28, 2007

 UPDATE BELOW (Louisiana back in the national news for all the wrong reasons)

When the Democrats chose to take early writings by Bobby Jindal and distort them into a Democrat attack ad for malicious purposes, it did not matter what those writings were. It did not matter that Bobby Jindal was running for Governor, no more than it did that Jindal wrote these papers while attending college.
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What matters most is that the Democrat Party of Louisiana LIED.

Account after account of clergy actually reading the youthful papers gave similar response. The Democrat ad was wrong and the writings were not at all offensive. When political scientists examined the papers and compared them to the ad put out by the Democrats, the analysis was the same. The Democrats took words and phrases out of context and distorted the meanings put forth in the whole statement. When a statement by anyone, starts with a lie, contains a lie, or ends in a lie, the whole statement is a lie.

It is very obvious that the Democrat ad has no credibility and is simply an immoral attack, targeted on a specific population in Louisiana, the Protestant Bible Belt, for the sole purpose to disparage the character of a good and decent man. Had their message been as grievous as they made claim, the ad would have run statewide and would still be running today, but like an inept terrorist, Whittington’s bomb blew up in his face.

Whether Bobby Jindal is Catholic or Protestant is not the issue. What trials Jindal experienced while coming to Jesus and his selection of a particular denomination is not the issue. Whether anyone was insulted by Jindal’s college writings is not the issue, either.

The issue is that the Democrat Party, so desperate to hang on to power despite their overwhelming failures, would be willing to further deceive the public at any cost to maintain that undeserved power. The issue is that the Democrat Party leaders have overtly LIED to the voters and lack the necessary decency to make right a most far reaching mistake.

All across the state public leaders, both Republican and Democrats, have called for the ad to be pulled and expressed their disgust for such a despicable display.

“I am proud to be a Democrat, but I am disgusted by the Louisiana Democratic Party operatives’ recent attacks on Bobby Jindal’s Christian faith. Bobby has been one of the strongest defenders of family values and he has personally shared with me his commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ. That’s more important to me than any party label, and I am proud to stand with him.”

Ben Nevers (D)
State Senator

“This is not the Democratic Party that I agreed to join years ago. Anyone that believes it’s a good idea to attack a man who is willing to share his Christian beliefs, is dead wrong. At a time when our state needs to come together, dirty campaign operatives are trying to divide us among religious lines. This attempt is despicable and I urge the Party’s elected leaders to join me in denouncing this ad immediately.

Randy Country Seal (D)
Washington Parish Assessor
President of the Louisiana Assessors Association

I have had the privilege of hearing Bobby’s Christian testimony first hand in my own parish, which makes these attacks by the Democratic Party’s paid operatives inexcusable.  As a Christian, I am personally offended by these tactics and the people of Louisiana should not accept this behavior. For the Democratic Party to alter Bobby’s Christian writings is a desperate attempt for political gain, and is a new low in Louisiana politics.”

Mike Grimmer (D)
Livingston Parish President

“As a registered Democrat, I have not always followed party lines in voting. This gubernatorial election will also see me crossing the line and voting for Bobby Jindal for Governor. To be honest, I am ashamed of the Democratic party after the ads, attempting to smear Bobby’s Christian faith, strong moral values, and character hit the air this week.  I urge everyone to stop this king of low-down and shameful politicking by casting your vote for the most qualified and honest candidate in this campaign – Bobby Jindal.”

Jack Hammons (D)
Mayor of Winnsboro

“These attacks were specifically designed to create dissension between the citizens of northeastern Louisiana and southern Louisiana while attacking Bobby Jindal’s Christian beliefs. I am personally outraged that the state Democratic Party campaign operatives would stoop to an all-time new low and distort someone’s Christian beliefs for political gain. I’ve talked with hundreds of Democratic supporters in my district who believe these attacks do not represent the party they belong to. As a Christian and Louisianan first, I am hopeful my announced opponent, Democratic Representative Charles McDonald, will join me in calling for these attacks to stop immediately.”

Representative Mike Walsworth
District 15
West Monroe, LA

Unfortunately, not one Democrat Legislator from Northeast Louisiana is yet on record in denouncing this disgraceful attack.

UPDATE: For all the wrong reasons, Louisiana finds itself back in the National news, thanks to the morally bankrupt, State Democrat Committee. There could not be a better reason for Chairman Whittington to resign, despite some Republican leaders wanting him to stay right where he is. In an anonymous quote, one Republican operative said that, “Whittington is completely inept, and is doing more good for the Republicans than anyone else could possibly do.” This is certainly true, but weighing that indirect help against the embarassment to the entire state, makes Whittington a statewide liability and he should have resigned the day after the ad was first released. With the ultra liberal Washington Post now speaking out against the Louisiana Democrat Party, the only question that remains is “just how big of a 2×4 do Democrats need cracked across their heads to get them to wakeup to the dispicable nature of their Party Chairman?” With the unanswered calls to Democrats Charles McDonald, Francis Thompson, and Charles Jones to denounce this loathsome activity, it looks like a much bigger stick will be needed, one very likely to be used on election day.

HHS Signs Memorandum Of Understanding With The Black Congress On

The Sun Reporter May 18, 1995 | Huel Washington Huel Washington Sun Reporter, The 05-18-1995 HHS Signs Memorandum Of Understanding With The Black Congress On Health,. Law and Economics

HHS Secretary Donna E. Shalala has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Black Congress on Health, Law and Economics (BCHLE) formalizing the working relationship between the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the BCHLE.

This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been designed to formalize lines of communication between HHSand the BCHLE so that the organization can have better access to important information like policy initiatives and funding opportunities for BCHLE initiatives in poor and minority communities across the country that are in need of effective health and legal services. here memorandum of understanding

“Although our federal, state and local governments are charged with the mission of positively affecting the health and well-being of this country’s citizens,” said Secretary Shalala, “it is often grass-root organizations such as the Black Congress on Health, Law and Economics that know how best to put these resources to work for the betterment of our communities.”

The BCHLE, an umbrella group, is comprised of thirteen major black professional organizations, including: Association of Black Psychologists; Center for Corrections Development, Inc.; Chi Delta Mu; International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters; National Association of Black Telecommunications Professionals; National Bar Association; National Black Chamber of Commerce; National Black Nurses’ Association; National Dental Association; National Medical Association; National Optometric Association; National Pharmaceutical Association; National Pediatric Association.

“Serving communities like the ones the BCHLE works with requires that we know where to tap information and resources when necessary,” said Ophelia Long, Chairperson of the Black Congress on Health, Law and Economics. “Having an agreement like the one signed today makes accomplishing our mission of serving the minority community more achievable. The BCHLE provides services at the grass roots level by affecting policy at the federal level.” here memorandum of understanding

A signing ceremony was held at the Hubert H. Humphrey Building in Washington, D.C. to highlight the historic event. Secretary Shalala was joined by Deputy Secretary Walter Broadnax and BCHLE Chairperson Ophelia Long.

For more information about the BCHLE, contact LaVonia Perryman at the Black Congress on Health, Law and Economics at 202-284-5917.

Ethnic NewsWatch SoftLine Information, Inc., Stamford, CT Huel Washington


No, Daniel, there was no lying in that great ad. Perhaps if the Dim's would hire Timmy to run their campaigns, they MIGHT be able to pulloff a second place. Of course, T.Lee might have to drop out of the race first. LOL


What a dumb question. I know alot of people who are Catholic AND proudly call themselves Born Again Christians.

Daniel Z
Daniel Z

Is this lying? Bobby Jindal is now claiming to be a "Born Again Christian", a term that has specific meaning to the Evangelical Christians he is attempting to court in Northern Louisiana. Isn't it a bit misleading for him to say that instead of him just saying "I am a Catholic and I am proud of my faith"?


Trent, I wouldn't change the name. It's a good name and if you don't have it, someone else likely will. You certainly have a better grasp of reality than some that we have both interviewed. I would suggest following Donna's advice and you will likely see deserved success. I think it would be great if the Libertarians could gain strenght. I see them occupying more middle ground that either of two majors, but just can't seem to get past the media. Best of luck to you. Donna, I think it would be a better excuse for the Dim's if they indeed HAVE flipped out. For me, I see it as purposeful though very inept. Whittington is dispicable and mirrors those that support him. Thank YOU, and please, continue to share your thoughtful comments.


has the Democratic Party flipped out or what? First it was Vitter and a hysterical woman shouting out against a man who has admitted to something most men who are in politics would not ever admit they itdid it. Yet Vitter did which goes to show you that he is honest. Our former President Clinton kept lying even when it was proved he was lying. Now it is Bobby Jindal who is being smeared and they want just show what Mr. Jindal has written in context so all would see. As for as I have seen Mr. Jindal has been talking about what should be done for the State of Louisiana. I don't even know what his faith is but from what I have seen in the Democratic Party I don't think much of them. I have been a Democrat since I was Twenty-one and I am fifty-seven. Both sides have really upset and angered me, so I SAY STICK TO THE FACTS, PLEASE!!!!!!!! Thank you for reading this even if you do not agree with me.

Trent Hill
Trent Hill

4UnionParish, I created the name before finding this blog. I could change it. Not trying to edge in on your intellectual property. =\ I agree that T. Lee is hoping on a wing and a wish. Still, I'd love to see him get into a runoff with Jindal. That is win-win. Will he? Most likely not. He'd need 10x the budget and a Ron Paul-like grassroots.


Trent, That\'s a real catchy name for your blog. Since I don\'t have to have a Google account to reply on your site, I will comment on your interview here. T. Lee is a nice guy but reality is not his strong suit. If you would like to read my interview with T. Lee back in May, it actually has some comments from T. Lee that are more realistic, of course, he is not commenting about himself.

Trent Hill
Trent Hill

Check out my interview of T. Lee Horne, it\'s quite interesting. I know your man is Bobby Jindal, but this guy should be a close second.

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