It Doesn’t Hurt My Feelings When Leftist Don’t Want To Be My Friend

October 29, 2012

I wouldn’t mind doing a few things with Liberals. I would sit next to them and cheer on the same sports teams. I’d eat pizza with them. Maybe I would go somewhere with them like to a movie or dancing Gangnam Style. Being Halloween, I’d go with them to a haunted house with them and tell them I’m a Republican as soon as we entered just to make it extra scary for them, but I really don’t have too much in common with Leftist. We simply disagree on way too much. We disagree on the fundamentals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

“You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred” Rev. William John Henry Boetcker

They want change, I want dollars.
They want hope, I want results.
They want free stuff, I want freedom.
They want to take, I want to earn.
They want to punish the successful, I want to join the ranks of the successful.
They want to be victims, I want to overcome and conquer.
They want to dictate happiness to others, I want others to discover their own happiness.
They believe they know so much that there isn’t much left to learn; I believe there is so much to learn, and I know so little.
They want to make the strong weak, I want to make the weak strong.

I suppose it’s all in how you see things, I see things much differently than they do. Where they see things as equal opportunity, I see as weakening the team. For example, is it fair that the starting quarterback for a football team takes 100% of the snaps while a less talented quarterback sits on the bench? Would you want the best available surgeon skipping your surgery so that a new surgeon can get his experience on you? It’s not that the surgeon doesn’t need to get experience, but when it’s your life on the line, you want the best surgeon available.

Where they see their selves as giving hope, I see as creating dependency. They see giving free health care, free food, free homes, free cell phones as helping, I see them meeting another need and giving people one less reason to find a job. The easier it is to live without a job, the less desirable it is to have a job, especially when those with a job are expected to provide not only for their own family, but for a family they don’t even know.

Where they see making somebody “Pay their fair share”, I see them punishing success. They see it as leveling the playing field, that people who make more money aren’t paying enough. I see it as hypocritical that people who don’t pay taxes complain that people who do pay taxes aren’t paying enough. What I see is people who already create jobs, who move the economy, who provide goods and service, and who provide society with police, fireman, military, roads, and postal service are expected to give even more while so many contribute nothing.

Where they see government doing more to help people become independent, I see a bigger government with more power and control over people. While the burden of health care being shifted over to government, government will eventually see it as having rights over the well care of your body. We have already seen government taking steps to monitor what we eat and drink, and as health care becomes a bigger burden on government, government will take steps to make sure people stay healthier, longer, and that will come through laws.

Where they see their selves as creating a Utopia, I see their treasure as another man’s trash. While I can decide my fate and what will make me happy, I can not, not matter how hard I try, make somebody else happy. Happiness is a choice that each of us must make on our own. It is my place to decide what will make me happy, it is not my place to decide for you what will make you happy.

Where they see their selves as victims of circumstance, I see opportunities to become stronger. So many people disable their self because of their circumstances. I know many Latino and black people who say they can’t get a job because of the color of their skin, yet I know so many others who come from another country, who didn’t speak a word of English, who know so few people, and have so little money in their pocket, and somehow, they manage to succeed. How is it that so many people who had the advantages of growing up in this country can’t succeed because of their circumstances, yet people with much less can?

And where they see their self as so intelligent, I thirst for the knowledge that I don’t have. The old saying is that you should not talk politics or religion, yet I do it all the time. Once in a while I’ll have somebody make a comment about other people being stupid. My response? “It isn’t that they are stupid, it’s just that you weren’t smart enough to convince them that you are right.“. People think they are intelligent because they assume they are correct. To avoid this mistake, I have a saying for such an occasion. “If I can prove you wrong, good! If you can prove me wrong, even better!”. The point is really simple, there is always the possibility that I am wrong, and only when we can accept that we can be wrong, can we learn.

I suppose it’s that last paragraph that does it for me when it comes to Liberals. When they can’t admit that they can be wrong, then they have nothing they can learn. If they have learned nothing, what can they teach me? Well, they can still take me out and teach me how to dance Gangnam style.


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