It is a Mad World

June 13, 2015

Imagine the last date you remember is January 1, 2007.  George W. Bush is still President and the Democrats just took control of congress. Today, you wake up with doctors and nurses all around you. Unfortunately, you have been in a coma for the last 8 years. Welcome to Obama world. Here are your headlines:

“Courageous transgendered woman, Fallon Fox, dominates women’s MMA.”Tbqv5lXx

Wait, did we just hear a record scratching?

Why is Fallon Fox courageous?

Because Fallon Fox is openly transgendered. Sure she was born a man and has more testosterone than a typical woman, but she courageously battles in the ring against her fellow woman while openly being “transgendered”. The old way of thinking way back in 2007 was that a man hitting a woman was just wrong, but we’ve moved past that bigoted way of thinking and now accept it as courage. Well, not that per se, but courage is being openly transgendered for ones own personal benefit, both in financial rewards and adulation.

Take Caitlyn Jenner… wait, who is Caitlyn Jenner? Remember that guy on the front of Wheaties boxes back in the 70s? They call him Bruce, you might better remember him as the guy on the Kardashians. You don’t know who the Kardashians are? Oh you lucky dog, you went into a coma before the Kardashians made their debut. Once you find out more about them, you’ll consider these 8 years of being in a coma as the luckiest years of your life.

KardashiansAnyway, the guy who used to be on Wheaties boxes and was the guy nobody paid attention to on the Kardashians came out as a woman and because of his courage, he will be given an ESPY for courage. Plus, because he was so courageous, everybody in America is fawning at his stardom. He’s getting his own television series and he’s going to make a lot of money. He’s the most courageous man ever!

Wait, why do I keep hearing a record scratch?

Look, the old way of thinking was that courage was putting your life on the line for somebody else’s benefit, but then we discovered that true courage is doing something that is thought to be outrageous so you can make a lot of money. So Bruce Jenner  is a woman now.. no, he didn’t have a “Sex change”, at least I don’t think…

No, he’s not “Gay”, he still likes women.. right, he’s a woman who prefers women but he’s not gay and he was born a man who never had a sex change…  Stop it, you’re being a bigot for not recognizing his courage.. yes, he’s going to make a lot of money from his television series but he deserves it because he’s courageous.

What? You think the next thing I’m going to tell you is that a white woman courageously comes out as a black woman? Well, not exactly, she’s been a black woman for a while ncaitlyn-jenner-wheaties-01-b-2015ow and her bigoted white parents are now claiming she’s white.

I know, but, I know.. listen.. STOP IT! This is the way things work, if I declare myself to be a car, then you need to recognize my courage and accept it. If a white woman wants to be black, then she’s black. If a black man declares himself white

, the police are no longer are allowed to arrest him because police never arrest white people, except for the white people in jail.

We already had this discussion in our society and we accepted Bruce Jenner as a woman, why would you be offended because the President of Spokane NAACP is a proud black woman who just happened to be born white?

Is that a record scratch again?

No, the Spokane NAACP president is not white, she’s transracial, meaning she was born one race but clearly identifies as another. Look, just last week, she was trying to get a taxi cab and she couldn’t get one.

Ok ok OK, calm down, sheesh, I don’t want you to go back into a coma. Listen,  just between you and I, I still open doors for women, it’s common courtesy, but I swear, don’t you dare tell anybody that I do. I don’t want people thinkDolezaling I’m a bigot.

Pinky swear? Good.

Now get some rest, tomorrow I will tell you about ISIS.

No, not ices the puck, that’s hockey. This is a whole lot more than sending the puck down to the other end of the rink. This is about the people who are slaughtering people for being gay.

No, these guys aren’t courageous because they are taking a stand against ISIS, they are courageous for standing up against Christians who say homosexuality is immoral.

No, ISIS is not a Christian organization, in fact, they kill people for being Christians too, and for being Jewish, or for being of any religion other than Islamic. Yes, that’s righfire-damaged-solar-panelt, ISIS is a radical Islamic group.

Oh, yes, they are still slaughtering people. Well, yes, you’re right, that still hasn’t changed. At least something is familiar to you. Oh, and the solar industry still sucks, in fact it’s so bad, government is suckering people into purchasing it with massive tax credits.

Yest it does sound like they’re getting scammed. Welcome to 2015, it is a mad world.


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