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July 26, 2011

Last night, July 25, 2011, President Obama tried to make a case about the upcoming debt ceiling yet his entire speech was more of a political speech then a discussion of the economy. What the people herd was the same old line with a different beginning. It was the same old problem with our nations economy and yes George Bush did contribute to it, but let us look back at what he was working with at the time. It was 2008 and Both houses of Congress were controlled by Democrats and they were ecstatic about having both houses and maybe even have the White House too. Nancy Pelosi was out there saying we need to spend more to get our economy moving. Harry Reid agreed with her and the bill for housing for those who could not afford it was passed so people who NEVER could afford houses were given homes that the loan companies KNEW they would never be able to pay for them.

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President Obama did say blame fell upon both parties and he quickly jumped out of that discussion and then began saying that oil companies, millionaires, billionaires, and those who make over $250,000 a year need to pay more in taxes, they have to “Redistribute” the wealth, this is a very Socialistic/Communistic idea that Obama has never backed away from. His main idea is to have the rich pay for the poor and all they wish to have. The problem with this is that the very people who pay more taxes will withdraw their money and place their jobs where they can make more money, overseas where the high taxes that Obama wants will not hinder their profits or the price of doing business!

If Obama is really thinking of the people of this nation, then why did he shut down oil exploration in Utah where our nation has enough oil to run this nation for at least the next 20 years or so without any foreign oil. Why has he and all the other Presidents not allowed more refineries within our nation? In order for our nation to be totally self dependent of any foreign oil or gasoline, our nation would have to build at least 50 new oil refineries and drill all over! This would create more jobs then could be thought of. Yet Obama has clamped down on the drilling and given EPA regulations that has shut down at least 5 coal companies due to the “new’ regulations that Obama could NOT get passed through Congress, yet he has gotten the EPA to do what Congress said he could not do.

If Obama really was fighting for the people, he would drop the corporate taxes down to about 5 percent which would boost manufacturing due to a lower tax then anywhere else. He would allow the 50 new Oil Refineries to be built thus creating Real jobs that would last for a time long enough for most that begin work there to retire! Obama could also do away with all the “new Regulations” he has placed into our nation that have changed the way we eat, the way we grow food and the way we do almost anything! Obama has not done any of this because he does NOT care about the people, he cares about Obama and what Obama and his Socialist/Communist friends and advisors tell him. Obama has no true idea of how our nation really works or why his plan is doomed to failure.

Obama once again blamed the Republicans for the current mess, but this is 3 years into his term and whatever happens now belongs to him and all he wants to do is Tax the rich and spend more money. Obama does not come right out and say spend, he just comes out and states that we have to invest, INVEST, which means “spend” more to create more jobs. The huge problem with this is that anything the “Government” runs or tries to either run or “regulates”. It is the Obama Administration that has set up all these new “Regulations” that have and will divide this nation and destroy the freedom we love so dearly. The republicans have not placed “New Regulations” that have shut down 5 coal companies and a good number of other businesses including some oil exploration all over the nation.

Obama wants to blame everyone but himself about our problems that this nation is in. It was Obama that shut down the exploration in Utah including producing wells that could have eased the price of gasoline at the pumps, but once again, Obama has stopped the progress of developing oil here within our nation causing gasoline prices to once again climb, this IS and BELONGS to Obama and no one else can say any different because Obama wants his “green” jobs which have not and will not happen for decades! Obama has caused the high price of gasoline which has caused the high price of all commodities! This has been CAUSED by Obama and no one else. It is Obama whom has subjected more “Regulations” that hamper oil production and development. Just in the Gulf of Mexico, he has caused the loss of thousands of jobs due to his “regulations” that the Obama Administration has imposed upon the oil companies!

Obama has said that those whom own big private jets need to pay more Taxes and it is Obama that is going to force those who are well enough to won those jets to leave the United States and take their jobs and money with them making the hole even deeper! Obama has and is causing a divide in this nation that will take a long time to heal. Obama wants those who have worked hard to make money so they could be well off to pay more and give their money to those people whom just do not wish to work at all. Instead of saying that we need to cut our credit card up and live within what our nation can produce. If Obama truly wishes to help those whom have little, he would allow corporations to expand and pay smaller taxes so they could hire more people whom in turn would pay more taxes through their wages. It is a simple way to not just build jobs, but also help pay off our debt. If more people work, more would pay taxes thus paying more money towards our national debt. But, Obama does not care about this, he is looking towards the next election and does not care about the people unless they vote him back into office. It is sad that Obama has proven what many had said before he was elected, Obama did not have the experience or leadership needed for a President and now it is beginning to show that those who said Obama was an inexperienced man that did not know what he was doing.

Obama just has not awaken from his dream and he still lives in that world and now it is showing even more then ever before! Obama OWNS the debt, the problems of high unemployment, the high gasoline price, the high oil price, the high food price, the high price of all commodities, it ALL belongs to his way of “running” our nation and it has Failed!
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