It’s Okay, He is for Illegal Immigration.

September 27, 2007

Larry Craig and David Vitter should resign, why? Because they are hypocrites and hypocrisy is the only reason why anybody should resign.

Not standing behind our president during a time of war is not enough to cause a person to resign in America, though in many countries, opposing the military of one’s nation is often considered traitorous and is greeted with the death penalty. Even more so, in America a politician can leave the country, go to the land of our enemies, and be critical of our nation… yet they should not resign.
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But you see, suggesting that we advise people to live to a higher standard and not living up to that same standard is reason to demand one’s resignation.

I’ve kept my mouth shut on David Vitter for the most part and I personally will not vote for him the next time. But when has a politician, at least on the Democrat side of the aisle resigned his position while having affairs with prostitutes? Why should Vitter be held to a different standard?

Oh that’s right, he’s a hypocrite, and yet we have politicians who stand against our troops and nobody is calling for their resignation.

Then there is Larry Craig, who’s foot tapping antics have set the nation buzzing as if we all knew that tapping your foot in a mens’s bathroom meant. Funny thing, I think worse of homosexuals because of the Larry Craig incident. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Larry Craig should have been arrested and the media storm that followed, but he definitely shouldn’t have walked outside those bathroom doors without a black eye.

That’s a clear violation of man law. Really, there’s certain laws that apply to men’s restroom etiquette. Such as, the middle urinal is for design only, not for official use, especially when the two other urinals are being occupied. If one must sit during the pleasurable experience of relieving one’s self, well, obviously you don’t tap your foot. Thanks to Larry Craig, that’s a new law.

I think worse of the homosexual community because why on earth would they have a code of foot tapping in airport bathrooms to have sex? Can’t they control their selves? Especially in today’s internet age where online dating can meet any proclivity one might have? I thought all frequent flyers knew of Craig’s list by now, or the million other websites for dating. It’s disturbing people can even think about having sex in the bathroom in the airports. I’m usually too busy trying to catch my next flight, though I have to admit, I never flew into Minneapolis.

And what is that anyway? One just unpacked and now needs to get repacked? No matter how Larry Craig puts this out there, it’s disturbing that the guy could not control himself. It’s disturbing that the guy couldn’t find a nice bar to get refreshed at before he left town, or when he got into town. But they should resign because they are hypocrites.

I’ll tell you who should not resign, that’s Carla Dartez. She should not resign because she’s not a hypocrite like Republicans. It’s okay in a post 9-11 world to have your husband employ illegal aliens. Excuse me, undocumented workers. Why? Because she’s a Democrat and we all know none of us can expect a Democrat official to have any standards. If Carla Dartez or her husband wants to put our nation at risk by not knowing if their employees are in our country without being checked out first, well that’s their perogative. Who are we to judge her or her husband?

This is what’s going to happen, first Lenny Dartez, Carla’s husband will deny that he employed illegal aliens. I think the quote will be something along the lines of “I did not have employment relations with that undocumented worker, Senor Juan Pablo.” and then in about three weeks, he’ll admit to it. Look for him to be quoted along the lines of “I did indeed have employment relations with Senor Juan Pablo.” and then the official closing statement of “I’ve already apologized, now it’s time for my wife and I to get back to doing the work of the people of Louisiana. I’m sure Dartez will also come out and say something along the lines of “It’s a Villere Right Wing Conspiracy.”

Somehow though, me thinks she’ll find a way to blame this on President Bush

Josh Tanner
Josh Tanner

After Dartez voted to stiffen the penalties for employing illegals, it's amazing that she and her husband's business are doing the very same thing. He got hauled away in hand cuffs by the feds this week for violations of the immigration law. We have had enough of corrupt politicians who get special treatment when they run over someone while impaired and flagrantly break the law and get away with it (any other citizen would have been given a DWI if they failed the field sobriety test and blew a 0 b/c it is then assumed that they were under the influence of DRUGS). Carla has embarassed us enuff. It's time that we elect someone responsible to lead us into the future and make a change for the better. I'm voting for ESTELLE MAHONEY!


Shame on you for expecting the more liberal among us to subscribe to higher moral standards. That seems like a form of discrimination to me, you .... you standardist. Don't you know that higher moral standards only apply to us Republicans, and that moral relativism means its OK for Democrats to do such things, as long as they can find a way to blame it on President Bush (or Karl Rove, or better yet, both)?

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