It’s The End Of the World As She Knows It…

January 6, 2008

and I feel fine.

It’s been a long habit of political parties to try to get their spin to the general public and to keep their people in line. The Nazi’s called it propaganda, today we just call it talking points. It’s the same thing, isn’t it? The Party gets their message to the media, the media repeats it, and the people repeat exactly what they heard on t.v. the night before to their coworkers at the  water cooler. You’ve seen it, the people just repeating the same thing you just watched on t.v. the night before, and what’s worse, they’ll tell you it’s what they think.
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During the 1990’s, the Clinton’s were perhaps the biggest benefactors of talking points. They were good at it, they had a message, and it was out there. Bill Clinton said he felt like the first black president, and poof, suddenly everybody started calling Bill Clinton the first black president. During Clinton’s impeachment, the people who now want to impeach the current president, stood in solidarity with Clinton bombing Iraq screaming that we can’t impeach the President during a time of war. So Iraq continued to be bombed, Clinton only stopping when the impeachment hearings ended.

In 2000, things began to change, Al Gore became the big benefactor of Clinton’s propaganda machine. It was so well oiled, that despite repeated counts showing Bush won, Al Gore taking  the case to the courts, Bill Clinton with the most recent appointments to the supreme court, Al Gore trying to exclude the votes of military personnel, and only recounting votes in heavily Democrat counties (where the oppression was occurring by the way), Democrats still to this day insist that Bush stole the election and that Al Gore won.

Hillary Clinton won her Senate seat, Al Gore lost his presidential bid, and Clinton uses the machine to put in Terry McAuliffe as the DNC chairman. The party ceased being the Democrats and was in danger of becoming the Clintonatic Party. But the Clinton’s left that machine unattended.

Soon, the Democratic Underground, and the Daily Kos didn’t erode the machine, they just became the caretakers of the machine. They didn’t know what they were doing, they couldn’t handle their newfound power, and soon the Clinton machine took on a new life of it’s own. There is no leader of the Democrat party, there is nothing for them now.

It’s just one rule- follow the Democrat mantra, whatever that may be. War is good, when it’s a Democrat president. Ending welfare is good, but so is expanding health care to all Americans. The Patriot act is bad, but National ID cards are good. Spying on Americans is bad, but when Clinton did it, nobody cared. High gas prices under a Republican president is bad, solving the problem of high gas prices bad under a Republican president, still bad.

Calling Bush the dumbest President ever, the worst President ever, and comparing his looks to a monkey as become a status symbol of intelligence within the Democrat party ranks. The mob now rules and absolute loyalty to that party is first above all. The Democrat party is their God.

Oh I don’t mean to say that this mentality is completely the Clinton’s fault, it’s been around for centuries, and usually it’s been controlled by dictators. But the Clinton’s did expand it, and the yellow dogs aided it along. Yellow dogs, how appropriate that they call their selves that, since they are to scared to think for their selves and stand up for what they believe is right, but instead just obey like dogs. How fitting, wouldn’t you agree?

Now the Democrats are faced with a war inside their ranks, those Clintonatics who are still mouthing whatever the Clinton’s tell them, those who are loyal to the mob, and those who are trying to control the mob. Normalcy has long left the Democrat party. Unfortunately for Clinton, since she announced she was running for the Presidency, she’s had the mob on her sie, and was only faced with the new guys trying to control. They won in Iowa (I’m not talking about Barak Obama here) and sent a message to Democrats everywhere that the Clinton’s are no more. Clinton’s grasp over the mob is done, she’s a has been. For Hillary Clinton, her reign over the Democrat party is now going to the history books. The question Hillary is faced with is simple, how many of her supporters were going to vote for her because she was supposed to win?

I believe enough to keep her from winning the nomination. I believe that enough Democrats got their marching orders from Iowa and will nominate Obama as their new leader. It’s Obama’s mob now, and he can either control it, or let it control him.

Inside the Republican ranks we are faced with that mob mentality, but not nearly enough. If we are not careful, we can become just as bad as the Democrat party has become.

GM Roper
GM Roper

Dick Morris said she was going to be the Democratic Nominee, I just don't see it. She is ruthless but comes across as such. Obama seems to be (but I'm not predicting this) the mealy mouth of the day and will probably get the nomination. I think the Republicans better unite under someone strong (Thompson is my choice) or they will get rolled over by that decrepit Democrat machine.

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