Jerry Falwell

May 15, 2007

As I begin this, I would like to point out that Jerry Falwell never held a political office, he never started a war, he never executed thousands of people. Jerry Falwell has helped thousands of people get through tough times, provided a place for people to get an education, and gave spiritual guidance to countless people.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saddened by Jerry Falwell’s death. He was a man, and like all men, had to someday die. I’m not here to tell you one way or the other about Jerry Falwell because quite frankly, I never met the man. I can’t tell you what kind of person he was.

I do know he never tied a bomb around his stomach killing innocent women and children. He never starved people to death like many communist dictators, and unlike Che Guevara, did not start violent revolutions that led to the worsening of people’s life.

What I am going to do is give you a taste of what you can expect from Liberal bloggers. The following is a fictitious interview, though many of the attributed comments are taken from their respective sites. I’d like to encourage you all to click the links and see what they actually said. First I want to check in with Wonkette.

LC: “Wonkette, Jerry Falwell has passed away, any thoughts?”

Wonk:Falwell, who is an evil sonofabitch

LC: “Well, as a person of compassion and understanding, I’d hope you’d be sympathetic about the things you’re saying. Isn’t that what liberals are supposed to stand for?”

WONK:Praise God, Jerry Falwell is dead

LC: “Um, Wonkette…”

WONK:Did you see somebody got his wikipedia page, too funny!

LC: “Um, three posts celebrating Falwell’s death?”

WONK: “Three? No, five so far, but wait til tomorrow, let’s see if I am happier because his Jabba-like corpse is still warm yet comically unresponsive. I’m certain to become happier as his body gets colder.”

LC: “It’s simply amazing to me that people listen to people like you.”

Let’s walk around the blogosphere a bit…

Oh look, here’s Shallon Connor, who is “glad” that Jerry Falwell is dead. — I wonder how these guys can say they are “against hatred” and at the same time be so proud of the hate they harbor.

Let’s swing over to another blog… Bilerico celebrates Falwell’s death with a joke

Andymatic proudly displays hatred while “condemning hatred” and “condemns Falwell to burn“.

Are there any normal people out there?

LC: “Bryan’s Bunch, what kind of reaction are you seeing out there?”

BB:I see the greatest intolerance comes from people who don’t like the message of Jerry Falwell. I did a search of blogs and so-far, 99 out of 100 are praising his death.”

Thank you BB for showing some type of sanity out there. Just think, I excluded many posts that were much more extreme simply because they were on livejournal or myspace. Well, except for this guy who asked “where does the conga line over his grave start?”

I know some of you are going to tell me how not all Democrats are like that and yes I know that. I would like to point out, that while you keep telling me how there are normal Democrats out there, you stay silent and let kooks like this take control of your party. Maybe you laugh along with them, or maybe you just keep quiet. Whatever the case may be, the less you say to them, the easier you make it for them to get crazier and crazier. As Edmund Burke once stated, “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” Don’t tell me this isn’t a representation of the Democratic party when you won’t even stand up to these insane idiots.

Maybe it’s too late for you to get control of your party.


Amazing Jerry Falwell did not kill people as Tookie Williams did,but the left were trying to set him free.It must be sad to hate people just because they don`t share your believes.But with the left they are getting to where they hate anyone who stands for the american family.Freedom of speech is only for the left in their book and the right should be allowed to talk at all. Btw where was Al Sharpton when the shock jocks made fun of hitting and raping condi rice.Imus says nappy headed hoes and the left cries racism but when they say rape and beat the highest ranked black woman of our country you never heard a sound from the left.


You consider the left a religious cult when the right has so perfectfully co-opted Christianity for the means to power? You talk about idolizing leaders when the right quickly forgets the damage done by the likes of Reagan, Bush I and the continued embarrassment that is George W. Bush? You talk about worshipping an ideology when the right consistently brings politics into the religious space creating a fusion of intolerance, bigotry and fundamentalist fervor? Jerry Falwell was by no means evil - I won't ennoble his ugliness with that kind of magnitude. He was a terrible man that utilized Christianity to walk on the backs of the ignorant and fearful all the way to the bank.


Andy, I've long considered the left as a religious cult, idolizing leaders, worshipping an ideology, and celebrating the defeat of "evil". I want to personally thank people like you for giving aiding in my argument that the left are a bunch of wackos, though I am quite certain that there are many left wingers who are embarrassed by people like you. I just wish they'd stand up and tell you.


Oh sorry LA Conservative - am I supposed to turn my cheek to this monster of a man that leveraged marketing, hatred and ignorance for his own monetary gain? Falwell was the exact opposite of a Christian. Don't pretend his invective was spiritual guidance.

Bryan McKnight
Bryan McKnight

Thanks for the link and the shout-out to being somewhat sane. It's absolutely incredible how hypocritical the flaming liberals can be. I checked some of that Wonkette garbage and I had to wash-up when I was done. The language and the hate that fills the blogs and comments on that site are freakishly similiar to the Militant Islams who would rather cut your head-off than look at you. They have no respect for life or liberty and if you don't condone, NO! embrace their views of life and morality...then you can just die and burn in hell! Those people are the very ones who Billiary Clinton and every democratic candidate want to impress.


Very well said and so very true.

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