Jobs, Where are the Jobs?

October 15, 2011

By Leon Puissegur

Jobs, millions of people are looking for jobs, but where are they? First let’s look at jobs, especially the ones that pay the best and most for jobs, that would be “Manufacturing”! Now just where are almost everything you buy at let’s say, Wal Mart made? CHINA, with some coming from an up and coming Vietnam also along with Japan, Indonesia, India, and the list goes on and on, but few carry the “MADE IN USA” label! Think about how many people would be employed just making all the Halloween materials displayed at Wal mart alone! If you would consider the thousands of Wal Mart stores, the people needed to make all those displays would be in the thousands if not way more!

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Now let me be bold and take this just one step further, look at the materials used for these products made outside the United States, does the United States send those supplies to let’s say CHINA? The answer is a solid “NO”! Now we have a bunch of Socialist/Communist protesting all over the place saying big business is why they don’t have a job, but look at each one and see if they are wearing ANYTHING “MADE IN THE USA”! I would be willing to bet that the same people yelling at the government to get rid of Capitalism are not wearing a single item “MADE IN THE USA”!!

Everyone wants to complain about the economy but just how many would be willing to seek out items “MADE IN THE USA”? If the people of the United States began to buy more and more “MADE IN THE USA” items, more people here would go back to work and more money would begin to flow, and items made here in the USA would also grow in numbers. The people of the United States have gone through times which have been much worse and walked out of it, but the biggest difference between the “great Depression” and now is the amount of people belonging to the Socialist, Communist, Marxist and other very far left groups. These people want jobs as do anyone, but if one continues to buy items from other nations, jobs here in the United States will continue to be a thing of the past because the people of the United states are NOT manufacturing goods that are sold here in the nation they are made in.

Jobs are NOT the governments problem, it is the problem of the people that have failed to keep their jobs here in the United States by buying items “MADE IN THE USA”! The government has never helped create a job that has not cost more then it is worth. The Postal Service has not made any profit since 1865, the government was not created for jobs. Let us look at just how stupid the people of the United States are, yes, I did state stupid. We sign a “Free Trade” agreement with Korea, Mexico and other nations and the biggest problem with this “Free Trade” agreement is that the trade from their nations comes to the United states free of charge. What makes this so bad? The United States has about 300 million people while Korea and the other nations combined do not have the population of the United States! Let’s take the car made in Korea, and think of how many millions they send to the United States, if the United States sent the same amount to their nation, they would not be able to move because of the traffic jams caused by too many cars! The only ones that win in ANY “Free Trade” agreements are the countries other then the United States!

Just think of this for a second, if our nation would have a Congress that were willing to put people to work, they would shut down all “Free Trade” agreements and begin charging a 10 percent tax on ALL imports, this would help by forcing the price of foreign made products up so that products “MADE IN THE USA” would be close to the same price, thus it would be easier to make them here in the United States. You want jobs, stop buying products made outside the United States! If our Congress would wake up and drop the corporate tax down to 5 percent, many Manufacturers would jump to come back here and make their products here in the United States! If you want JOBS, Buy products “MADE IN THE USA”! Go to any hardware store and look to see where all the products are made, other then most paints, a very large number of the hardware products are NOT “MADE IN THE USA”!

If you want jobs here in the UNITED STATES, buy products “MADE IN THE USA”! How can one find a good paying job if the nation has become a nation involved in service only and does not manufacture enough products in the United States to keep the very people wishing to work working! Yet many of those same people that yell we want jobs buy many products NOT “MADE IN THE USA”! Our jobs problems can be solved in a number of ways and to begin with, it would and should start with the building of at least 100 Oil refineries so our nation can refine the abundant oil our nation has, then we can drill all over to extract the estimated 2 TRILLION barrels of oil alone and then the Natural gas and coal. Just doing that will create millions of jobs! Then we MUST make sure that products made overseas do not “flood” our markets as they have and shut down products “MADE IN THE USA”! If you REALLY want jobs, BUY “MADE IN THE USA”!!!

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