John Maginnis in the Twilight Zone

May 24, 2008

With the greatest effort to be cordial, I think John Maginnis may need to “get a map”.

Appearing to be at least lost from reality, Maginnis seems to think Louisiana Republicans are having a difficult time deciding which would be better; keeping Governor Bobby Jindal in the Governor’s Mansion, or having him sit on his butt waiting to see whether or not he may have to be sworn in as President in a dire circumstance. Appearing even further out-of-touch, Maginnis seems to think Governor Jindal as John McCain’s Running-mate would somehow help John Kennedy defeat Mary Landrieu for the U.S. Senate.

I believe the opposite will be the case.

Hey, John, let me give you some directions back to reality.

IF Governor Jindal chooses to abandon Louisiana to ascend his political career as Vice President, Louisiana Republicans are going to be so pissed off that they will likely either stay at home on election day, or they may cross over to the “Dim Side” just to make it even more clear just how they really feel.

Louisiana Conservatives will feel abused and betrayed.

At best, Louisiana Conservatives will give greater consideration to those that have not abandoned conservative principles no matter the struggle or the Party.

Mr. Maginnis, did you hear about Senator Joe “Cutesy” McPherson handing out “McCain/Jindal” bumper stickers on the Senate Floor? Do you think the Louisiana Dims are really interested in improving the political career of Governor Bobby Jindal, or would they really like to see their greatest opponent leave the state? Do you think Louisiana Dims would miss having Governor Jindal sitting in the Governor’s Mansion, or would they really like to see their delivery boy, Mitch Landrieu, as Governor?

Forget the concerns of Mitch Landrieu delivering Louisiana on a silver platter back into the hands of those responsible for keeping this state in a near perpetual last place position. Don’t even give it a thought of how much easier it will be for “Katrina Mary” Landrieu, second only in incompetence to “24-Hour Kate”, to be re-elected as Louisiana’s senior U.S. Senator. And, never mind that our schools will likely continue their slide past the worst in the country. None of that will even be realized,…at first thought.

At the present, most voters want Governor Jindal to be the most successful Governor in

Louisiana history. Most Louisiana Republicans believe that there is finally a chance forLouisiana to halt the plunge into the dismal abyss of corruption long steered by the self-serving efforts of Good Old Boy politics.


Should Governor Jindal abandon his pledge to help better his state to become Vice President, it will be successfully characterized to all voters as a self-serving agenda that was predicted by every Democrat hack in Louisiana, and further. Republicans across the state of Louisiana will be bombarded with “stepping stones” to the point of submission. Republicans across this country will be illuminated to “just another politician looking out for himself” by Democrats eager to restore the days of Carter as they magnify the moans of despair coming from a state forsaken and/or betrayed by all who have promised deliverance.

It will be a disaster for the State of Louisiana for Governor Jindal to leave before his PROMISED job is completed. It will be a knife in the back of every supporter that put their reputation on the line, and it will be like the second coming of Katrina extinguishing all hope of change away from the most corrupt politics this country has had to offer.

McCain has long suffered a lack of trust from true conservative Republicans. It is the many alliances he has built with the most liberal Democrats that have corrupted any chance of meaningful loyalty. It is McCain that needs redemption. It is McCain that needs help to be a success. That need will only serve to tarnish.

Bobby Jindal does not need John McCain to be a success. Bobby Jindal is already a success.

If my friend wants to be a bigger success, hopefully as President, he should, AND CAN, do it on his own terms, in his own time, and with the support of those that care the most about him. In this way, Governor Jindal will help his State, his political associates, and himself, all in the right order.


Jindal's going to the ranch for 2 reasons i) help McCain raise money from the Indian-American community ii) bag the keynote speaker at the convention. McCain's not gonna pick him. Too young, too green to be Veep.

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