John McCain and the Coming of the GOP Civil War.

January 27, 2008

Many of my conservative friends remain staunchly behind the war in Iraq and I am with them in such a cause. Like them, I understand that we fight this war today so that our children, our grandchildren, and so on won’t have to. We fight this war today because we want to live in peace.
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But in his desire to be president, John McCain misunderstands the conservative position on Iraq. When John McCain stated that being in Iraq for 100 years would be “fine with me.” he grossly misunderstands why conservatives want our troops in Iraq to begin with. Being in Iraq for 100 years means we are committing our children, grand-children, and even their grand children to war that we fight… so our kids won’t have to. If our intentions are to be in Iraq for the next 100 years, let’s go ahead and get out of Iraq now.

I believe it is John McCain’s position to be in Iraq for another one hundred years because I don’t believe he’s willing to do what it takes to win in Iraq, especially when he’d rather trust and team up with the ACLU than to listen to our military advisors.. What I mean is that war isn’t pretty, it isn’t compassionate, it isn’t anything but death and destruction, the best war is won quickly. We can try to water it down by refusing to torture our enemies, as McCain would have us do, but if we aren’t willing to do certain things to our enemies, especially when our enemies are willing to do those very things to us, then we as a nation are not ready for war.

A compassionate war is a war that’s won quickly and our men and women serving are brought home as soon as it’s over, not over the course of a hundred years, as John McCain would have it go. I am for the war in Iraq, I’m for us doing what is necessary to annihilate our enemies. I’m for sending a message to the world that starting a war with the United States is a grave mistake.

And let’s not forget that John McCain is so pro military, that when Bill Clinton was down sizings the military, John McCain… Well, John McCain didn’t stand up against the downsizing. He was Missing In Action, no pun intended. Come to think of it, where was John McCain during the build up to the Iraq war, other than saying what an easy task it would be?

But I’ve concluded that it’s a farce to fight a war and at the same time let people come across our borders completely unchecked, and the McCain-Kennedy bill does just that. Not to be against the people just to the south of us, but it makes little sense to me to allow thousands of people in America each day, many who could easily be Muslim terrorist, into our country without knowing a thing about who they are. For me, I can’t take John McCain (or any of the candidates for that matter) serious on the war when he’s for the amnesty of illegal immigrants.

I still haven’t forgiven John McCain for pushing the (Keating)McCain-Feingold act, or what I refer to as the incumbent protection act, that put unconstitutional limits on free speech. The(Keating)McCain-Feingold act was the culmination of legislation that John McCain pushed for ever since he was caught up in the Saving & Loan scandal involving Charles Keating in the 1980’s. Charles Keating had given John McCain over $100,000 in campaign contributions over a period of five years.

Let’s not forget that John McCain teamed up with John Kerry in 1993in the senate to tell the American people that there were no more POW’s left alive in Vietnam, angering many families with relatives still missing. In 1997, Ted Samply noted that John McCain had “dismal relations with many POW-MIA families and activists” and quoted McCain as saying that the people who accused the U.S. Government of abandoning our POW’s as “the most craven, most cynical and most despicable human beings to ever run a scam.”

So much so was John McCain’s animosity towards people who were standing for the POW’s and their families, that John McCain put pressure on President Bush to denounce the Swift Boat ads being ran against John McCain’s dear friend. And you probably thought McCain did it just to help liberal John Kerry defeat Bush.

Let’s not forget that John McCain stood against Bush’s “tax cuts for the rich”, or that John McCain wanted to force gun buyers to purchase triggers locks as well. Or that John McCain is on the wrong side of embryonic stem cell research, being one of 58 senators to sign a letter to the President encouraging him to change his position on embryonic stemcell research. This is despite the fact that there has been absolutely no advances in embryonic stem cell, however, there has been advances in adult stem cells.

In 1999, John McCain stated very clearly that “In the short term, or even the long term, I would not support repeal of Roe vs. Wade, which would then force X number of women in American to undergo illegal and dangerous operations.”. Today, John McCain is clearly pro-life, finding this position recently while running for President. John McCain’s many statements on abortions and Roe V Wade also shows that he has a misunderstanding of what Roe V Wade would do if it were overturned. Though he now supports overturning Roe V Wade, he would keep abortion legal in cases of rape and incest, however, if Roe V Wade were to be overturned, that decision would fall into the hands of the fifty individual states, not in the hands of the President, 100 Senators, and the representatives.

So whether it’s been on issues regarding the national defense such as illegal immigration, on economic issues such as Bush’s tax cuts, or on social issues like gun ownership, abortion, and embryonic stem cell research, John McCain’s conservativism makes Hillary Clinton look like an ideal candidate instead of the bane of he Right.

While many of us in the Republican Party have gone into a fanatical anti Ron Paul rage, we’ve quickly surrendered our principles and are on the verge of electing a RINO as our Presidential nominee. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying John McCain doesn’t deserve to win his party’s nomination, it’s just that his party is truly the Democrat party.

We have been so focused on beating Hillary Clinton and that’s been our mistake. We looked at our candidates as who can beat Hillary, when in truth, Hillary Clinton is so polarizing, she has so many enemies within her own party, that we ought to be praying that she wins the nomination.

John McCain isn’t the candidate who can beat Hillary Clinton, he’s the only candidate on the Republican side that can’t win the Presidency. There’s so many Republicans, people such as myself, that will not vote for this man who has refused to stand with us on more than one occasion. John McCain is as polarizing within the GOP ranks as Hillary Clinton is nationwide. I can stomach voting for Romney, and probably for Huckabee, and I’m still voting for Paul, but I refuse to sell out all of my principles for my Party, and I am not alone. Electing McCain will lead to a GOP civil war.


I love to see other bloggers who oppose McCain. On another note, your delegate count seems to be off. According to, the count is: Romney - 59 Huckabee - 40 McCain - 36 Paul - 4 Giuliani - 1 Where are you getting your count from? Is Real Clear Politics wrong?

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