Just So There’s No Confusion

October 7, 2008

I’m getting confused by our mayor. When the flier with the altered photo of the mayor went out with a woman also pictured, he was pointing his finger at councilman Byron Sharper and his brother. There was much adu made, many threats, and a promise of an investigation, Remember? Here’s a video to refresh your memory.

Word had it that Mayor Holden then went to city council and told the city council members that he did not want them to investigate. That prompted us at Louisiana Conservative to conduct our own investigation. We at Louisiana Conservative in no way were involved in the first accusation that the mayor was involved in extra-marital affairs.

As of Monday night, Louisiana Conservative had moved on and decided to talk about more pressing issues, due in large part that there was absolutely no mention of our newsletter that many of you have received. We want to be clear that when you hear the media or the Mayor talking about the flier with the accusations, they are not referring to the Louisiana Conservative Newsletter. More importantly, there has not been, at this time, a public denial of anything in our newsletter.

This morning, however, Mayor Holden was pointing his finger in a new direction, this time targeting a prominent Baker businessman during his radio interview. You can listen to the radio interview here. It seems that the Mayor can’t seem to make up his mind as to who to blame.

We have heard the handful of complaints and understand why some people think we did this because Kip Holden is a Democrat. That assumption would be false. For the record, out of disgust in what I found pertaining to the condition of the city, I crossed over party lines and voted for Tiffany Foxworth, a Democrat, instead of the sitting Republican councilman.

We have ceased our investigation into the matter for the time being and would encourage the mayor to either not talk about it anymore or to come clean with the citizens of Baton Rouge.


Mayor Kip Holden was wrong in calling Dr. Dan Kyle, Councilman Wayne Carter, Ron Johnson( a black attorney)and Developer Ted Hicks racist. This is terrible especially when all 4 men have a track record of helping the poor or underprivledged. The Mayor's anger over his own sexual misconduct being exposed has created an atmosphere of desperation. He has exposed himself to criminal charges and involved police officers in the criminal acts . The officers may come forward and plea bargain before it is to late


Holden said he turned down Hicks' request for tax incremental financing. The City Council formed a committie too look into incrmental financing. Hicks never went back before the council to request the funds. In fact Hicks paid for a 15 year projected market study and the recommendation was to sale investments in EBR while they are at a high and invest in the surrounding parishes. The records filed with the Clerk of Court show Developer Hicks has not purchased, but has been selling. I understand he will be following the exodus from EBR.

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