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September 14, 2008

The Politics to the Side

I want to put the politics and my opinions to the side because what matters here is the truth. We all know the story of Kip Holden running down the street pulling up his pants and carrying his alligator shoes. The Mayor with a black eye and a bloody lip, running from a caucasian man and the blonde woman standing in the doorway stark naked. We all know about the mailer and you can view the altered image of Kip Holden here.

Mayor Holden immediately said it was a lie and accused Councilmen Byron Sharper and Wayne Carter of circulating the document. Holden then hired a criminal attorney, Mary Olive Pierson, to represent him. Mary Pierson issued threats of criminal prosecution to anyone involved and said she was turning this over to the FBI and the Attorney General for investigation.

I contacted the FBI and the Attorney General and they were NOT conducting an investigation because no laws had been broken. I then found out that Mary Pierson and the Mayor were issuing threats and trying to intimidate anyone that came forward. Why?

Where did this story start? I gathered the names of those who were threatened and conducted my own investigation and the following information was obtained from those involved.

While working as an investigative reporter at Channel 2, Veronica Musgrove talked to numerous police officers who said Baton Rouge Police Officer Trey Bargas was serving as Mayor Holden’s body guard when the fight occured. Officer Bargas was instructed to park on a side street where the Mayor’s official car (a black continental) would not be seen. The Mayor entered the house where the woman was waiting. Later, the woman’s husband came home and surprised them. The mayor came back to the car with injuries and was concerned with the woman’s safety instructing Officer Bargas to go in and arrest the man. Officer Bargas explained to the Mayor that if he arrested the man, he would also have to fill out a police report explaining what they were doing there. The Mayor then instructed Officer Bargas to drive away from the scene leaving the woman in a life threatening situation. Officer Bargas told his story to numerous police officers, legal professionals, and has not denied it when questioned by the media.

Mayor Kip Holden called on a criminal investigation on the accusations, why did the city council decide not to investigate?  Is it because an investigation could lead to the imprisonment of Mayor Kip Holden? I have been trying to get an answer, but my calls have been unreturned.

One Baton Rouge officer has contacted a member of the media and issued threats. As for the rest of the Baton Rouge Police officers, I am grateful that we have so many officers who are more concerned about the citizens and the law, and am disappointed to see that our men and women in blue are being undercut by one or two officers. However, in every profession there are bad apples, we should not allow one or two rogue officers to be a blight on the Baton Rouge Police Department.

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SKIP -KIP - SKIP: I was having a drink when the original story went public. Thinking about Kip running with his pants around his ankles started us rapping Skip-Kip-Skip.Then the topic turned to the man standing with tears in his eyes looking at his nude spouse, the humor faded. A life time police officer asked "What could have happened if the man chased Kip out of the house with a gun? Would Bargas respond with his own weapon? "The truth will set you free". Officer Bargas has told this story to numerous police officers and they in turn have spread the story thrughout law enforcement. Some members of the legal proffesion have met with Bargas and the other bodyguards discussing this crime and several other embarrasing situations Kip has gotten them into. Any future coverup will only result in someone committing perjury. This is the Capital of The State of La., an election year, with one attorney, one councilman, and the previous La. Legislative Auditor running for Mayor. Dan Kyle (previous legislative auditor) has spent most of his adult life putting crooked or corrupt politicians in jail. He is also the State Executive Director of the Repulican Party. Think they are going to lie down and roll over. It is just a matter of time. The only question know is how many are going to be involved. Even if Kip gets re-elected I predict he will be on trial for misappropriation of public funds in 2009. One can't use public funds paying police officers to stand outside guardig the door while you fulfill your pleasures inside. Good investigative work on your part. Congatulations on breaking the La. story of the year. I hear the Enquirer has already purchased a plane ticket to BR.


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