Just Tiny Countries

March 3, 2011

“I mean think about it. Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, these countries are tiny compared to the Soviet Union. They don’t pose a serious threat to us the way the Soviet Union posed a threat to us,” — Presidential Candidate Barack Obama, May 18th, 2008.

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So Iran, Cuba, and Venezuela are “tiny” countries that don’t pose a serious threat to us, then would that mean a President who couldn’t keep peace in the Middle East a serious threat to us? I mean, think about it. Egypt, Libya, Yemen, and Jordan are just tiny countries compared to China, and there’s been enough trouble there to keep the news media very occupied for weeks now. Obama seems lost in handling these “tiny” countries, how is he going to fare against larger countries?

And let’s face it, Obama hasn’t done a very good job off keeping peace within the borders of the United States. Sure, there’s always been violence inside our borders, just as there has been continuing violence in the Middle East. It’s the increase of violence in the Middle East while he’s been President. More over, it seems to me, on any given day, there’s a wide range of anti-government sentiment from the Right Wing Tea Parties to the Left Wing Unions, all very upset with government. A government that Barack Obama is leading.

We can talk about the Egyptian/Islamo-fascist inspired union protesters, certainly many of the Union protesters seem demented and violent. Take for example Jack Senzig, an elementary school teacher in Racine, Wisconsin, who posted a couple of violent pictures on his weblog. Keep in mind what would probably happen to a child should he have drew some pictures like this at school? Well, after he was kicked out, possibly arrested and sent to a psychiatrist, he probably would be stuck working at an elementary school in Racine, Wisconsin. If that’s a good example of what public school teachers are like in Racine, Wisconsin, then Scott Walker, fire them all. God help those children if that’s what Wisconsin public schools have to offer. HT Real Debate Wisconsin.

And certainly we have heard enough about racism, and perhaps that’s why this example of racism gets swept under the rug. Considering, like the tea parties, the union protesters are mostly white, it shouldn’t be surprising to see racism rearing it’s ugly head. In this video, at 2:55, the white protester asked the black tea party supporter if he “had any children” the he “claims”. Say what you want, but… well, I would not go up to a black man and ask him if he has any “children that he claims”. Linda Sari, tsk, tsk, tsk, and she gets hugged by another white union protester who was standing there when she heard it. Not to mention the “bad Jew” comment at another protest.

It’s not that I feel hopeless about America’s future, I very much look forward to January 2013 when a new President gets sworn into office. America’s brightest days are still ahead. But for the remaining time of Barack Obama’s presidency, we can expect Obama to deliver on his promise of increasing our energy prices. So if Obama felt like coal industries should be bankrupted if they built a new plant, is anybody surprised that his administration refused to issue new drilling permits? And now that his administration has finally issued a new drilling permit, does anybody expect anything less than a fight to get the next one? Obama criticizes the Right of being all oil, or nothing, but it seems to me that Obama and his cronies believe that we need to abandon our energy resources for some hope. With all due respect Mr. President, ‘hope and change’ isn’t going to fill my gas tank and put food on my table, in fact, it’s not even going to pay for that health insurance that I’m now required to purchase.

Gas prices are rising, food prices are rising, the economy isn’t getting better, the Middle East is falling apart, protests are going on all over the United States, and did we mention George W. Bush’s ‘Decision Points’ book is a top seller among college students? There isn’t much to say about the United States under Barack Obama’s watch, but at least he’s been multi-cultural. For example, Valerie Jarrett is a minority, pretty much runs the White House, and is a close confidant of Barack Obama. Oh wait, she’s Iranian? Hmmm, maybe that’s why Barack Obama wouldn’t do anything during the Iranian protests, but meddles in everything else.

Hindsight is always 20/20. Now when I think of George Bush, I think of Iraq. I also think, things weren’t so bad then.

Dealers’ deals: two suppliers have made recent moves to increase their share of the builder market.(supply chain)(mergers and growth)(Brief Article)

Builder September 1, 2005 | Mariani, Michele THE HOME DEPOT AND BUILDERS FIRST-Source, a top dealer to home builders, have pursued aggressive growth strategies in recent months. go to web site builders first source

The Home Depot, based in Atlanta, looked to jump-start the growth of its Supply division and its ties to the production builder community with the June acquisition of Sewanee, Ga.-based Williams Brothers Lumber, which ranked as the i4th largest pro dealer nationwide in the PROSALES 100, published in May (PROSALES and BUILDER are both published by Hanley Wood, LLC.) According to that ranking, Williams Brothers has 1,100 employees and posted $440 million in sales in 2004. It operates 17 stores and four truss plants in Georgia.

Just weeks later, Home Depot Supply announced the purchase of National Waterworks, the country’s top distributor of water and wastewater transmission system products. The company distributes components used to transmit water and wastewater to and from both residential and commercial projects. It operates more than 130 branches in 36 states and had net sales of $1.5 billion in 2004, The Home Depot reports. site builders first source

In other dealer news, Builders FirstSource, the No. 6 supplier according to PROSALES, made its initial public offering June 22. Though The Home Depot was rumored to have been interested in buying Builders FirstSource last year, the dealer opted to pursue growth by going public. “It allows us to continue growing the business. It’s a new source of liquidity,” says Charles Horn, the company’s CFO.

The company issued 12.25 million shares at $16 each. At press time, the stock closed at $19.42.

Mariani, Michele


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