February 26, 2007

It has been dragged out for over FOUR YEARS, but Agriculture Commissioner Bob Odom (aka Odor) may finally see the inside of a courtroom for his alleged felony crimes of BRIBERY, THEFT, and MONEY LAUNDERING.

No Odor, er, I mean Odom will not stand trial for OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, EXTORTION, or MALFEASANCE-IN-OFFICE. Why? For many reasons, none of which points to justice.

It took over 18-MONTHS just to get through grand jury proceedings and then the legal wrangling really kicked into gear.

The prosecutors dropped many of the charges claiming the need to “better manage” the case.

Judge Don Johnson threw out four of the cases early on, and in 2005 threw out the remaining charges claiming too much time had passed. The Supreme Court disagreed with that ruling and reinstated the remaining six charges of the original twenty-one.

Even more egregious, lawyers, probably on both sides, were allowed to drag out the proceedings to the extent that FIVE “extremely critical” witnesses, according to Prosecutor Sandra Ribes, have died. If they were so “critical”, where are their depositions and why are they not being used?

Despite Tommy Roshto turning State’s evidence and admitting he paid Odom $30,000 in bribes, nothing in this case is certain.

With the best politicians money can buy, can Louisiana justice be far behind?


D'Arbonne News
D'Arbonne News

UPDATE Odor goes free! Best damn justice money can buy.

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