Kudos to Jeff Blanco of the Louisiana Conservative.com

June 29, 2008

At a time when it was clearly seen to be a bit dangerous to go up against the “Good Old Boys” of Louisiana, Jeff Blanco put aside his fears and worries of high-powered retaliation and reported a story of one the most outrageous abuses of power.

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Few people in this state realize how big of a “stick” the Commissioner of Agriculture swings in the State of Louisiana, and in the case of Bob Odom, it was too obvious that power corrupts.

Thankfully, Dr. Mike Strain replaced Bob Odom as Commissioner of Agriculture and hopefully Commissioner Strain is now purging the Department of Agriculture of those so despicable that they would abuse their power and the public’s trust by attempting to MALICIOUSLY IMPRISON an innocent person.


When Scotty Hill began to investigate, he did ask the local authorities about the situation and Sheriff Deputy Tommy Sandal informed Hill that he knew the details and that the horse indeed was purchased, not leased. That, however, did not matter to Scotty Hill and his response to Deputy Sandal was “If I can get a judge to sign off on the search warrant, I’m arresting her ass anyway.”

It is a clear sign of high moral character when anyone disregards the dangers to themselves and comes to the aid of the weak.  A true measure of any society is how it protects the innocent.

Steady on!, Jeff. Job well done!


Judgement Against Scotty Hill        Judgement Against Scotty Hill


The only thing missing now is the needed follow-up story to give Ms. Powell her deserved closure …..and …..the criminal indictment of Scotty Hill so that he might experience what he sought to condemn an innocent person to endure.


Power corrupts, ………total power corrupts totally.

i. b. freeman
i. b. freeman

Thankfully Dr. Strain did not require the cooperation of Governor elect Jindal to beat Odom. One of the first indications of Jindal's unwillingness to take stands came on the weekend of his election when he declared he would not endorse Strain or any of the republicans in runoff races.

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