Landrieu Said What?!?

January 22, 2010

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Unbelieveable. Simply unbelieveable. Senator Mary Landrieu accusing other people in her party of “overreaching”. Who was it that delayed the vote on health care long enough to keep it from passing in order “bring home the bacon” for their district? Yes, Ben Nelson did, but Mary Landrieu did too. If there are two people who the Democrat party needs to be absolutely mad at, it’s Mary Landrieu and Ben Nelson. Yes there is plenty of reason for Democrats to be upset with President Obama, he is, after all, the leader of the Party. But Democrats also chose a person with so little experience in Washington D.C., so little experience in politics, and so little experience in the world. It’s up to people with more experience, such as Harry Reid, Mary Landrieu, and Ben Nelson who have so much more experience in how Washington works to help guide him for the good of the party instead of trying to take advantage of him, as Ben Nelson and Mary Landrieu have.

I know Obama will probably bow and kiss the feet of Mary Landrieu, but exactly who was Mary Landrieu talking about when she was talking about ‘some people’ in the Democrat party have a tendency to “Overspend” and “Overreach”? Who, in the Senate, asked for more money than Senator Landrieu? Ben Nelson. Other than that, the guy up in Washington wanting to spend so much money is none other than President Obama, and while it seems obvious that Mary Landrieu is taking a cheapshot at the bower, let’s not forget that Mary Landrieu was proudly saying ‘yes’ to the bower-in-chief. Mary Landrieu somehow is trying to separate herself from her yes votes. ‘Some people’ in Washington who want to overspend and overreach must include Mary Landrieu in that statement, not absolve herself.

She wanted health care to pass, she always wanted health care legislation to go through, and she was always going to vote for it. She had no knowledge that her yes vote was going to cause a ripple effect all the way through to Massachussetts. She had no idea that she was going to help Scott Brown whittle away at Martha Coakley’s 20 point lead. At the time that Mary Landrieu committed to voting yes on the Healthcare bill, she believed, as most people in America believed, that Martha Coakley was going to win in a heavily Democrat area, thus keeping the Democrat 60 vote majority in place. She helped push the bill closer to passage but wanted to be greedy. She wanted to get the biggest benefit, but in the end, Mary Landrieu’s selfishness helped cost the Democrats that critical vote.

She did the damage to the Democrat party more than any other Senator, save Ben Nelson. Because of Mary Landrieu, George W. Bush was able to call Scott Brown and say “That was a heckuva teabagging, Brownie.” What Mary Landrieu should do is resign her position and retire in Aruba or Cancun. What Democrats should do is start giving money to every candidate in the New Orleans mayors race except to her brother. Harry Reid should pull Scott Brown into his office and ask which office does Scott Brown want, Landrieu’s or Nelson’s, and then proceed to give Landrieu or Nelson the broom closet for their office.

Mary Landrieu and Ben Nelson should be, and probably are, in the doghouse in Washington D.C., Ben Nelson is at least in the doghouse in his home state.

As for the recall of Mary Landrieu, what a brilliant waste of teaparty energy. The only reason I can think of anybody trying to recall a Senator despite the fact that you can not legally recall any sitting Senator is for one of two reasons. The first reason is to collect the names of people who are opposed to Mary Landrieu to be used for a later date for a different goal. The second is to obstruct the energy of the Teaparty movement. While the teaparty could be working for more effective goals, such as seeking out people to run for office (regardless of party) to put people who will listen to the people as elected officials, all their energies are spent on something that simply will not happen. I know Vitter joked about signing the recall petition, but the truth is, I doubt that he’ll sign and neither will I.

There’s two reasons while I won’t sign, and coming from a conservative who opposes Mary Landrieu, that’s a strong statement. The first reason is because I believe the Founding Fathers did not intend for a recall of Senators. We had our chance to recall Mary Landrieu last year and we didn’t do it. We had our chance to vote for John Kennedy, and we didn’t do it. That was the recall that is put into place. As Abraham Lincoln stated, “The cure to a bad election is the next one”, and we blew our chance.

Since the beginning of time, organizations have been raided by groups of people, taken over by people with their own agendas instead of the agenda of the groups. They have used organizations as stepping stones for their own personal well being. It happens to every organization, it’s happened when the founding fathers had their own organizations, it’s happened since the beginning of time. Somebody will organize a group of people to move in and take over an organization with a hostile takeover. It happens in Democrat organizations, Republican organizations, unions, tea party organizations. Some people will use organizations for their own personal gain.

That’s why it’s important to put certain protections in place. The founding fathers realized that it’s feasibly possible that the entire government can be changed on it’s head in one election, and 2008 was one of those possibilities when so many Republicans were losing their elections. If all Senators had been up for re-election, it’s quite possible that the Democrats would have a 80-20 majority, instead of a more reasonable 60-40 majority. In order to keep some sense of stability in the role our government has, they have split the requirements of the Senate seats to 1/3 being re-elected every two years. This prevents a total overhaul of our government, thus turning it over to the hands of tyranny.

If we can have a recall of any Senator, then what’s to stop a group of people determined to lie and cheat and get every single Senator recalled and gaining control of the entire Senate? What’s to stop the Democrat or Republican majority from targeting the remaining opposition in the Senate with a recall? We put too much at risk by going forward with a recall, especially if it is successful.

The second is as previously stated. It’s a futile attempt that will not uphold in a court of law. Why waste my energies on something so irrelevant, when I can be actively working towards a goal that is achievable. As Ben Franklin stated “Politics is the art of the possible”. If I, as a staunch conservative, am so unsure of signing a petition against the very liberal Mary Landrieu, how on earth will you get more moderate Republicans or independents to sign? Raising money to put up billboards all over the state asking Mary Landrieu to resign is far more effective. Even if she doesn’t, it sears Mary Landrieu into the minds of so many voters that she’s making bad votes while people are paying attention. And who knows, maybe Mary Landrieu will be necessary 5 years from now. In the meantime, let her burn her bridges, let her share the same fate as Kathleen Blanco.


To the folks who voted in obamasama and kept porky mary in office, thanks a lot! How's that hope and change working out?

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