Landrieu Wins Re-Election?

November 6, 2013



November 5, 2014

Landrieu Wins Nail Biter!

Says re-election confirms “mandate for expanding Obamacare”

Mary Landrieu  47.7%
Bill Cassidy        45.7%
Anti Rino               6.6%

Can you imagine that headline on November 5th, 2014? Now before any of you jump on me about Rob Maness, I want you to imagine that’s Rob’s name instead of Cassidy’s. I’m not making a case for Cassidy, nor am I for Rob Maness. At this point, I’m not concerned about who the Republican candidate is, as much as I am concerned about avoiding that kind of headline on November 5th, 2014. It seems the Democrats strategy for winning isn’t campaigning on the disastrous Obamacare, which Mary Landrieu proudly voted for, but rather getting Republicans to be “RINO’s” and putting their own candidate in the race to divide the Republican base.

It’s no coincidence that I put up those numbers. Those are the numbers from the Virginian Gubernatorial race. The victor? Liberal Terry McAulliffe. The “RINO” in the race just happened to be the first State Attorney General to file a lawsuit against Obamacare. The Anti Rino? Robert Sarvis who received a ton of money from an Obama bundler. Think we’ll have a third party guy taking votes away from the Republican to help ensure a Mary Landrieu election?

I know that I will cast my vote for somebody of my choosing in the primary, but against Landrieu, I will be voting for the Republican candidate. Fortunately, Louisiana has a jungle primary, but most states won’t have the fortune.

Understand that I am not about the Republican establishment, but I do see no end to the amount of control the Democrats want to have over our lives. They want to tell us what to eat, what health insurance plan is “good enough”, what kind of oil is ok to cook with, how much of our money we should be allowed to keep, what we should read, what we should watch, what we should say.

Think of any thing that you can do that government isn’t somehow, someway involved. Now, if you can think of something, keep it to yourself. If Senator Mary Landrieu finds out, she’ll want government control in that too. It’s hard to imagine that Senator Landrieu saw the failure of big government first hand during Hurricane Katrina, and then turns around and gives that same big federal government control over our health care system. Why she’s surprised they couldn’t build a website is beyond me.

But what is a RINO anyway? Isn’t a RINO a “Republican in NAME ONLY?”

I wasn’t George Bush’s number 1 fan. By all means, I am a Conservative, Republican, whatever. I believe in “Less Government, Less Taxes”. Keep government to its minimal necessity. That’s what I support. Yes government should build roads, have a police force, military, post office, etc.

The reality is that people want government to do more than basic necessities. Landrieu and the rest of the Democrats want to turn people into government dependents while Republicans end up appeasing that appetite. If you asked me to name a RINO, I’d say John McCain and Lindsey Graham. What have they done that makes them Republican, other than registering as one?

But George W. Bush? Bush was a Republican, just not my kind of Republican. See I prefer my Republicans to be both “less taxes” and “less government”. Bush senior was a “less government” Republican, and the coin flipped with his son, a “less taxes” but big government Republican. It seems to me that we are quick to condemn the opposition and even quicker to condemn our own.

I would like nothing better than to see a two party system in America, Republicans V Libertarians. To me, that’s a much better choice that what we are given currently every election cycle. The reality is we are given a choice, Republicans and Democrats, with one side show that we can go cast our vote and imagined we voted for the perfect candidate, pat our selves on the back for holding on to moral perfection, and bash the Republicans who are at least in the game keeping the Democrats from seizing total control of the government.

If I were to want to build the Libertarian Party, I wouldn’t be focusing on candidates in tight races where getting votes would cause the Democrats to win. I’d run in local elections and build the name brand, challenging Republicans only in places where the Democrat challenger has no chance of winning or where there is no Democrat challenger in the race at all.

At least by doing so, people can feel more free to vote their conscience. I wonder how many of those people in Virginia that voted for Robert Sarvis will soon regret it, and never vote Libertarian again? Yes I would vote for the Libertarian over the Republican candidate in a lot of cases, but not at the expense of giving the Democrats even more control and power.

See, I believe in a concept, “Don’t let the perfect become the enemy of the good”. I don’t look at the election as voting for the “lesser of two evils”, I look at it as “choosing the better of two men”, and yes, in some cases it’s a woman. Perhaps it’s way past time for us to stop pointing our arms at each other, and start pointing them at the worst offenders.


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