Landrieu the Has Been

November 11, 2014

Debbie Wasserman Schultz called Mary Landrieu the “ultimate yes woman” and Landrieu’s “clout” was banked on being a yes woman to Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz. But who Mary Landrieu didn’t think was important was her constituents.

Maybe she had the same attitude that the architect of Obamacare had when drafting the Healthcare bill, that voters are stupid. That it’s better to fool 51% of the people than it is to get the support of 51% of the intelligent people. In other words, Mary Landrieu and the Democrats actively target stupid people as supporters. It’s an embarrassing tactic, but a good tactic when stupid people aren’t even smart enough to recognize they are being duped.

But now that Mary Landrieu needs the support of her constituents, her “clout” isn’t doing her any good. Being the “ultimate yes woman” to her Democrat bosses on the hill has cost her the support of Louisiana’s citizens. After all that time being an “ultimate yes woman”, Landrieu is nothing more than a castaway by those in Washington that she gave her loyalty too. She is disposable, just like her constituents were too her.

But never fear, Landrieu still has fight in her. She has that same fighting spirit she had when she threatened to punch President Bush in the mouth while the rest of Louisiana was coming together to work together, to help each other. While the residents of Louisiana were uniting, Mary Landrieu was “fighting”.

Unfortunately she had no fight when she needed to stand up to her bosses on the hill. She had no fight when she needed to say No to Obamacare. She had no fight when she needed to say No to gun control. She had no fight when she had to say no to illegal immigration. She had no fight when she needed to fight for Louisiana jobs while our off shore drilling was shut down. She had no fight on the Keystone pipeline. I guess after “fighting” President Bush instead of uniting like the rest of us, she needed a rest.

But now a well rested Mary Landrieu has that fight again, just in time to save her job. How convenient.

Only problem is, it now reeks of desperation. It’s important to the Louisiana economy that we save Mary Landrieu’s 6 digit a year salary, and oh by the way she pays the men on her staff earn an average of $71,945.82 versus the women on her staff that earn an average of $58,907.95.

Now politics is often dirty, but let’s keep in mind here that Mary Landrieu is the incumbent. She’s desperately attacking Cassidy, desperately trying to get more debates with him, desperately throwing everything she can at Cassidy. Mary Landrieu’s desperation is so God awful, she might as well sit on the side of the interstate with a sign that says “Hungry, will legislate for food”

By Jeff Blanco


Mary Landrieu was NEVER ligitimate.  She stole her first Senatorial election through massive voter fraud in New Orleans and South Louisiana.  She paid lip service to the 2nd Amendment while voting against the same whenever Obama told her to.  And then she had the nerve to send out letters saying she did not vote against gun rights.  We SCREAMED against her vote for Obamacare, but to no avail.  Obama paid her off and she did it anyway.  She KNEW we would remember all this, but did it anyway.  She should have saved us the trouble--should have stepped down, especially after losing in the primary.  Louisiana's official dog breed is the Catahoula Cur, not the Liberal Lapdog--Mary go home (wherever that is).

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