Landrieucare, Now That She’s Up For Re-Election

October 30, 2013

It’s becoming clearer that the mid term elections are going to be much like the last mid term elections, that the issue is going to be about Healthcare. It was an issue that Senator Mary Landrieu, fresh into a new term, didn’t think would come back and haunt her. Even though she knew that President Obama was misleading the American people with his false promise that you could keep your insurance if you like it, no ifs, ands, or buts. That’s they way it was sold and Senator Landrieu supported it.

110125_nelson_landrieu_reid_ap_328Senator Landrieu apparently thinks that means he was saying all along “…if your insurance is good enough.”, which through extensive searching we could not find one single example. In fact, Senator Landrieu flat out claimed that she was saying all along “if you have good insurance…”. Seems to me that Mary Landrieu thinks you’re too stupid to know what “good insurance is”, that you are stupid enough to believe she said it all along, or she knows that her job is on the line and she is saying whatever she needs to say to get re-elected.

She knew that the individual mandate would happen in her re-election year when she voted to pass it. In fact, only two Louisiana Congressional members voted to pass Obamacare, Joseph Cao already was voted out by his constituents, it’s time for the other one to face the people. And in case you were wondering, the Louisiana delegation who voted against Obamacare have all since been re-elected. It seems to me that Senator Landrieu, up for re-election for the first time since she voted for Obamacare now finally gets to meet and greet the people who she affected with her vote.

In her desperation, she recently came out for a delay in the individual mandate, but she didn’t care about the individual when she got her exemption from Obamacare. She didn’t care about the individual when she was Muslims and Amish people got their exemption. She didn’t care when Obama’s administration got their exemption. There were a lot of people who have special privileges who the law does not apply too. Does she try to give the individuals, her own constituents an exemption from this law? No, all she asks for is a delay until after her re-election. Once you vote her into office again, she will not care how Obamacare affects you.

While I would agree with Senator Landrieu that health health care is very important, I think health care is too important to support or oppose Obamacare just because of the color of his skin, or his political affiliation. Health care is too important to vote on legislation that affects it without first reading the bill. It’s too important to put people’s lives at risk for $100 million or $100 billion. That money can always get found another way, but people’s lives, once lost, can never be returned.

Did she care to delay the individual mandate when the Republicans were being demonized for the same thing? Senator Mary Landrieu sat on the sidelined and said nothing. In fact, while the government shut down occurred, she joined ranks with Big rich politicians instead of caring about what her constituents wanted or needed. Now she cares about her constituents. The big question is “Do you want a Senator who is bought and paid for by big rich Washington politicians, or do you want a Senator who at least listens to their constituents?

In fact, Mary Landrieu sold out Louisianians for $100 million, or according to her, $300 million. For those of you who think we got a good deal, ask yourself a few questions.

How much of that $300 million did you get?

How much did your insurance increase by?

After subtracting your insurance increase from your share of the 300 million, do you have more or less money?

It’s very simple, if Obamacare helps more than it hurts, vote how it affects you. If it helps more than it hurts, Landrieu will get re-elected. If it does more harm than good, she’ll lose. Now, as simple way is assume that you got your $65.19 from Landrieu’s Louisiana purchase, did your health insurance increase by more or less than 65.19? If you are at a positive, by all means, vote for Mary Landrieu, she obviously helped you. But if you are in the negative, make sure you get out and vote on election day, because she has hurt you economically and she just doesn’t care about you, why should you care about her? Vote for her opponent.

Oh, and if you didn’t see, as Obama likes to say, “Not one single dime” of that $300 million and your insurance rates skyrocketed? You know, you would have to be stupid to not vote against Mary Landrieu.





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