Last Chance To Send John, Mike – and Fred – A Message.

February 9, 2008

Today being election day, I had resigned myself to pulling the lever for John McCain. I mean, Fred Thompson came out and endorsed McCain, so I had a fig-leaf of an excuse. But when I got to my polling place I read the sample ballot and…. and Fred Thompson was still on it.
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Thank you, God.

So I pulled the lever for my first choice, Fred Thompson, and walked away feeling just fine. Was it a wasted vote? I don’t think so. If enough frustrated Republicans do the same today, maybe John McCain and Mile Huckabee will get the message – a lot of Republicans out there are frustrated with the choices we have. Very frustrated. We don’t want a pro-defense Democrat. We don’t want a maverick loose connon. We don’t want a big-government preacher. (And we sure don’t want that crazy uncle from Texas!) All we want is someone who will kill the terrorists, secure the borders, and respect the Constitution.

So get out and vote! Maybe Fred Thompson will get the message, too.


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