Late Breaking News From the Academy Awards!!

February 26, 2007

The audience was wide-eyed, nodding their heads in agreement much like you would see during a “fire and brimstone” sermon, but without the “Amens”, and with much anticipation, squirmed in their seats in hopes they would hear those magic words from Algore, “I am announcing my candidacy ……”

Poor babies, it did not come.

Or did it?

Well, for now we are safe, at least officially.


D'Arbonne News
D'Arbonne News

Agreed!! I did not watch the Academy "Pat Myself on the Back" Awards either. There was some paint drying that I needed to watch, lol. I did watch Fox's coverage this morning, and though I would usually mute these stories, I was curious what Algore might do to entertain the crowd. I never had the first doubt that he would get the award. Algore was preaching his "enviro-lies" and the camera panned the audience. There was DeCaprio nearly getting stretch marks from holding his eyes so wide, and some lady(?) nodding her head in complete submission. I would bet a twenty that tears fell when the crowd realized he was only joking(?) about running for Prez. Can't you just see it now. "Vote for Algore, winner of an Academy Award!!" Luckily for Algore, that is the only qualification he needs to impress these "brats". idjits?? You are too kind.

Always On Watch
Always On Watch

"The audience was wide-eyed, nodding their heads in agreement..." I didn't watch the Oscars last night. But this morning, I noticed the audience's reverent state when I saw a few clips on the morning news. What idjits!

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