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April 29, 2009

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MilBlog Conference 2009 – Greta Perry, SoldiersAngels.org – watch more videos

Students Nationwide Improve Math Skills With Everyday Mathematics’ Online Games. go to web site blocked games at school

Pediatrics Week November 15, 2008 Everyday Mathematics(R) demonstrates that learning can be fun with the popularity of the research-based program’s Online EMGames. Students across the country have accessed the online games at school, in the library, and at home for added mathematics skill and concept practice.

The Albuquerque Public Schools and Virginia Beach Public Schools are both getting positive feedback from students using the EMGames. Educators at Albuquerque Public Schools say students benefit greatly from the online games. “Students just love the EMGames,” said Stephanie Homan, the technology coordinator at the district. “More importantly, the EMGames provide me with tools to diagnose the needs and skill level of each student.” Virginia Beach Public Schools is a long-time user of Everyday Mathematics. Denise Williams, a Grade 2 teacher in the district, said, “The differentiation capability in the games is great for parents because if something isn’t challenging enough for their children, they can raise the skill level.” “More and more students love to be engaged in challenging activities online,” said Dan Caton, president of Wright Group. “The Everyday Math Online EMGames stretch students’ mathematical thinking and prepare them for an increasingly complex mathematical world.” Support for Games in the Classroom Games are essential to the pedagogy of Everyday Mathematics. Students need frequent practice to master a skill, yet drills become monotonous and less effective over time. Games, however, relieve the tedium of rote repetition, reduce the need for worksheets, and, because most numbers are generated randomly, offer an almost unlimited source of mathematical problem material. Everyday Math games reinforce concepts in a valuable and enjoyable way. They are designed to help children practice their basic facts and computation skills and develop increasingly sophisticated problem-solving strategies. go to web site blocked games at school

“Many people make a sharp distinction between work and play. They tend to ‘allow’ play only during prescribed times. However, students naturally carry their playfulness into all their activities. This is why Everyday Math sees playing games as an enjoyable way to practice number skills and concepts,” explained Andy Isaacs, D.A., co-author of Everyday Mathematics and co-director of the University of Chicago’s Center for Elementary Mathematics and Science Education.

Everyday Mathematics Online EMGames are animated, interactive, electronic versions of the board games created by the author team. Students play the games independently against the computer, and receive accurate feedback on their understanding of mathematical concepts. The online versions give students unlimited access to the EMGames from home and school, and detailed, real-time reports let teachers and parents monitor student success at each game.


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